What You Should Know About Investing in Gold

gold The value of gold is no secret. Gold is what drove western expansion in the United States and what once backed our paper currency. People consider it one of the most precious of metals. So why aren’t you invested in it? Unfortunately, most people looking to protect their retirement accounts are woefully lacking in information about the value of gold as an investment vehicle. As you plan for retirement, here’s what you should know about investing in gold.
What Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell You
What your financial advisor won’t tell you is that most financial advisors are not taught to prioritize gold. They want to get you into various stocks and bonds, some of which may carry a higher risk than you are comfortable with. It’s for this reason that you may not know that you can actually protect your retirement account in a Gold IRA. This is like a traditional IRA except the investment product in the IRA is gold or other precious metals, rather than stocks or bonds. How does this benefit you?
Gold is much more resistant to market forces than traditional investment products, and in fact, often over performs when those traditional products are struggling. For many people, the key element of a good retirement account is stability. You want to know your money will be there when you need it. A retirement account containing gold or other precious metals is a great way to secure that peace of mind.
Finally, you may not be aware that you can rollover your existing 401K/IRA into precious metals, so even if you already have a retirement account set up, it’s not too late to protect your assets with gold.
How to Invest in Gold
If you’re thinking about investing in gold with a gold IRA, the first thing you’ll want to do is contact Fortress Gold, rated the “#1 Gold Firm in America” by Inc. 500. You can visit Fortress Gold online or call to talk to a precious metals specialist at 1-800-777-6177. Your precious metals specialist will walk you through how you can start your precious metals IRA account.
Investing in gold isn’t something new, but having the ability to physically hold your Gold IRA is. Some of the people who invest in gold include hedge fund manager, poker player and billionaire David Einhorn, John Paulson, multi-billionaire and author of “The Greatest Trade Ever,” and Paul Tudor Jones, one of the 400 richest men in the world. Know why more Americans are investing in gold by contacting Fortress Gold Group at 1-800-777-6177.

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