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Here at Fortress Gold Group, we do things differently.  As a result our clients walk into their gold and silver investment with the fullest comprehension and understanding of their options.  They develop a definitive strategy with their senior metals expert and are continuously updated and educated post-investment. For many of them, the experience is so top-notch, they can’t help but share.  See below for all the Fortress Gold Group reviews from our clients: 

Donna H. – April 20th, 2015


First of all I thank the highest quality Team I have ever worked with regarding Retirement options, who are Morgan Steckler, Chris Kline & Priscilla Acosta, and lets not forget Edmond C Moy. I was so enlightened on being able to understand the guidance and explanations of IRA Investments on the Live Webinar that I could not help but be at peace with my decision of transferring from my Annuity that was dwindling from another company I had for years. I thank God, that I came across Fortress Gold Group when I did. I know that I truly am in Good Hands with High Honest people that Truly care and want to help people to Invest safer and higher value. I am truly on cloud nine and at Peace. Anyone looking for a greater IRA, Look NO Further. Contact Fortress Gold Group, you will be glad you did. Thank You Again Fortress Gold Group, The Best To All Donna H

Darryl M. – December 15th, 2014

Fortress Gold Group Chris Kline:

Chris Kline is well knowledge in the precious metals an how to invest in the same so that me as the customer will be able to trust his know how to keep me up on the market. I’ve already told others about Fortress and Mr. Chris Kline thank you Darryl M

Joe R. – November 21st, 2014

 Another Outstanding Knowledge & Service Report:

For all first-time IRA buying clients and those experienced, we highly recommend choosing FGG. My wife and my recent experience as first-time precious metals IRA purchasers can testify to why FGG shines in reviews on Trust Link and why no issues with BCA and BBB.

FGG’s high level of client interaction, focusing on patience and education especially for first time precious metals IRA adventurers like us, far exceeded the FGG competitors that were examined. Most importantly demonstrated were characteristics of honesty with integrity based on long term vs short term perspective regarding business tactics and practices. From multiple phone calls (never felt rushed) and actual responses to several emails – a main positive FGG attribute and the main reason FGG selected from among several other precious metals firms – was FGG did live up to its web site commitment towards consumer education.

Exceptionally forthcoming and transparent in answering questions and offering information. Of the four or so competitors we examined, FGG’s Chris Kline Director of Operations was the only one to take time to personally respond in writing (vs by phone although also offered) to emails with detailed answers to our questions which exceeded expectations since his responses also anticipated questions we had not thought or knew to ask. Learned about Markups, wholesale prices, and spread and what one can expect on transaction costs and %s for a variety of bullion and Proof coins. Also appreciated the professionalism addressing the industry’s issues and pitfalls without tearing down or naming competition – showed FGG secure in abilities to provide competitive products and services. The process of setting up the FGG and Kingdom Trust Company (IRA custodian) accounts was efficient and most importantly, step-by-step transparent and secure. Allowed time to ask more questions. After-the-sale support was great with delivery on a promised report and phone call on how and where to find market values of the products.

Exceptionally helpful was a table providing line item break down purchase price, current buy back price, liquidation fees, and shipping fees ($0 with Fortress) to help understand our acquisition and reduce cognitive dissonance. We had an inkling the business was complicated with a steep learning curve to understanding
the precious metals world of investing, the market, costs, and pricing. However, thanks to FGG’s commitment to consumer education and Chris’s patience sharing his knowledge and expertise, we are convinced FGG is the best choice of the firms reviewed.

We thank FGG’s team helping us accomplish the goal taking a portion of our financial paper assets to become less dependent upon the dollar’s value, integrity, and longevity and provide us with an “insurance policy” against Wall Street stock market volatility.

Pete G. – December 20th, 2013      

Fortress Gold Group sets the Standard:

I found the Fortress Gold Group staff professional, knowledgeable, patient and very helpful. Being a novice at investing and not understanding all the nuances of investing in precious metals in particular, my precious metal expert (E.J. Lonergan) took the time to explain the details of precious metal investing including the Pros and Cons. My precious metal specialist, Chris Kline, handled all the required paperwork and made it easy for my initial investment. They have listened to my desires, demonstrated that they care about my investment resources and have ensured that I am comfortable as well as confident before executing the planned investment.

Above all else, E.J. has maintained contact with me to provide me current information that I have used to make informed decisions. Fortress Gold administrative fees are reasonable and competitive and to be honest, I have felt very comfortable with everyone I have dealt within this company. They have treated me like like family and I don’t think that I could have found a better company or staff to conduct business with in precious metals. Fortress Gold is “Tops” in my book, thank you and keep up the great work!   

Gamino – January 18th, 2013                                            

Satisfied Customer

Rick at Fortress has become my “go-to” investment adviser for precious metals. Not only is he well-spoken and courteous, but also displays exceptional customer service through his patience and ability to educate potential investors who have never invested in precious metals.

When I initiated contact with Rick, he was pleasant and made it a point to ensure that I felt comfortable with my investment decision by guiding me through the process from inception through completion of my investment. I highly recommend
Rick as an adviser when seeking investments in the precious metals market.

Candace C. – January 13th, 2014                                          

Fortress Gold Group, Great Service!

Thanks to Chris Kline and Rick Mata for their patients they had while walking me thru rolling over a 401K into precious metals, with Rick’s expert guidance in what would be the best purchase, for what I wanted to accomplish, gives me peace of mind, knowing I made the right decision. I know I am in good hands with guys like Rick and Chris, and a great company like Fortress Gold Group.

Jake J – January 2nd, 2014

Outstanding Knowledge and Service

I contacted Fortress to explore my options in rolling over my Ira’s. and spoke to Rick who is one of the senior precious metal experts. He provided professional guidance in how I could go about structuring and diversifying my wealth. I had only enough knowledge by gathering intel over the internet to be dangerous to myself. He set the record straight by providing me the facts, the features, and benefits of different types of metals. I learned a great deal on that one phone call.

Once I felt comfortable, I gave Rick the green light to move forward and he got the job done like a pro. His team made it very simple for me to fill out the paper work on line and submit. I felt very secure that they were protecting my interest. Since rolling my Ira’s. I have persuaded my wife do the same. Keep up the good work!! I highly recommend this group.

Jackie D. – January 2nd, 2014

WOW. What a great experience. Fortress is the company to use.

After research and evaluation of few companies I found out that Fortress Gold Group is the best in the precious metal business. Rick explained the process and detailed the procedures step by step then he introduced me to Chris at the IRA department who facilitated and completed the transaction smoothly. I do highly recommend Fortress Gold Group to family and friends and anyone considering real Gold and Silver

Walt C. – January 1st, 2014

Very Knowledgeable.

This was my first foray into investing in precious metals. I talked to Darrin first, who did a good job in answer my initial questions. Very laid back, I never felt pressure to jump right in or anything. EJ helped answer pretty much all of my questions,and helped me feel comfortable with moving into investing in gold. I had a few from digging around on the internet, and the info he gave me was solid. (I double checked. Good stuff!) I will continue doing business with Fortress Gold. It was a pleasant, no pain experience.

David S. – December 19th, 2013

Set Straight.

I was in a quandary about where to invest monies other than the market. Met Chris and later Rick who informed me about the advantages and history of investing in gold and silver. Particularly in proof coins. Even though the bullion price is down still feel comfortable with my decision. Thanks to both Chris and Rick.

Gary J. – December 19th, 2013

Great company, helpful brokers, solid customer service!

My son and I were planning a visit together ans I was headed to California to see him. We had been talking a few weeks before about buying gold and silver as an investment. He had already learned quite a bit and through friends heard about Fortress and his broker there. I figured why not try it out with him? I asked him to order some for me and waned to take it back with me at the end of the weekend if possible. Sure enough on Sunday, my gold eagles were hand-delivered safe and secure. Talk about fast and personal service! Without hesitation I recommend Fortress to anyone that wants a positive experience with gold and silver investing. -Gary

Madison J. – December 18th, 2013

Fortress- My only source for gold and silver

Metals piqued my interest this fall and I started asking friends how to buy gold. A good friend pointed me in the direction of Fortress Gold, and one of his gold and silver traders there, Chris. Even after doing my homework on gold, I found Chris to be a great resource. He was able to explain the strategy of owing real gold and silver, taking possession and inevitably selling over time.

Once we agreed it was the right time to buy, Chris and Fortress delivered my gold and silver American Eagles 3 days after I sent him funds. Everything was simple and transparent. Highly recommend this business to anyone considering buying real gold and silver.

Beatriz C. – December 17th, 2013


Fortress caught my attention with an email about protecting my wealth. I just changed companies for employment, and Fidelity was asking me to roll it into an IRA with them. I spoke with Darren and EJ at Fortress and they gave me much better options with real silver in my retirement. The rollover was smooth and quick. The IRA department at Fortress sent me a simple online application. Then Chris, an IRA rep, called and we conference in Fidelity.

Five minutes later everything was set. Once the account funded, EJ laid out all the options and pros/cons. I felt extremely comfortable and Fortress still calls me every couple months with market news, updates and more. I highly recommend Fortress to anyone looking to create a gold or silver IRA. Beatriz

Diego V. – December 6th, 2013

If you are thinking of precious metals, think of Fortress.

Last summer I started considering gold as a longer term investment but I wanted to start slowly. I had a few friends that bought gold before and they recommend a few places. I soon found out how confusing the process can become. I felt a little overwhelmed.

As a self started I decided to look around for myself. Came across Fortress in an email. When the first call came I was a little defensive, given what I’ve seen and heard this far. But to my surprise, Rick, my gold guy, broke it down and figured out why I was looking at gold and what I wanted. I did a small “trust trade” (as Rick called it) and the metals showed up the same week! Highly recommend Fortress to anyone looking at metals. I’ve since rolled a part of my 401k. It was very fast and easy.

Sam P. – November 11th, 2013 

Stop, Look and Listen for your Gold Investment.

I have experienced in the past second thoughts in regard to seeking additional information via internet advertising. My concern related to incomplete information, hidden fact, bait and switch tactics and hard closing salespersons. So therefore, when I
responded to The Fortress Gold Group I was seeking information about an investment and at the same time overly cautious and prepared to be somewhat defensive. WOW, was I in for a wonderful surprise that diminished and put to rest all my preconceived fears, suspicions and worry. I received from them all the information I was seeking to complete my research prior to making a final decision. It was most definitely a worthwhile and earnest conversation full of the data and facts I needed and required to complete my due diligence.

If you are seeking, like myself a destination for an investment of this type please do contact The Fortress Group for your consideration before making your final decision.

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