Preparing for the Next Economic Downfall

economic downfall

A prepper is someone who puts an emphasis on being fully prepared for all things. That includes being ready for the next economic crisis. Being prepared for an economic downfall is not naysaying or being overly pessimistic. It is a simple fact of economics that markets are cyclical. What goes up, must come down. There’s no saying how far it will go down, or for how long or how well it will rebound, but it will happen. When it does, you want to be prepared.
The Next Crisis Is Inevitable
Few people were ready for the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, or the dotcom bubble burst of 2000, or the stock market crashes of 1987 or 1929. These crashes typically followed times of great prosperity, and those who weren’t prepared suffered greatly. Being wealthy before the crisis did not help if you were not prepared. In fact, those who benefited from the prosperous times prior to these busts were often hit the hardest.
Preparing for the Next Crisis
What can you do to prepare for the inevitable crises to come? Attempts to time the market – that is, to buy and hold while things rise and sell off all your investments right before the downswing comes – are usually doomed to failure. The market is too unpredictable. There are indicators, of course, but there are too many factors in play to make a huge move, buying all the way in or cashing all the way out, at just the right time. Your only real weapon against the next economic downturn is diversification, and your best weapon in this vein is almost certainly an investment in precious metals like gold and silver.
Gold and Silver as a Hedge Against Catastrophe
Why gold and silver? Unlike traditional investment products, gold and silver have intrinsic value. A gold bar is a solid piece of valuable metal that you can see and feel, not a stock certificate representing a business or a bond representing a loan. If you invest in a company and that company goes bankrupt, you could be left with nothing. If you buy a piece of real estate and no one can afford to rent from you or buy your property, or if property values sink, you could be left with a worthless lot. No matter what happens, your gold or silver will not disappear. You will always have it until you sell it.
For this reason, gold and silver tend to be resistant to market forces and more importantly, often run counter to the market. They tend to gain in value when traditional investment products are sinking. If you have enough gold and silver, you could be the one standing safely above the rubble when the next market crash comes.
As we get older, we become concerned about our retirement income. We can’t just put our money under a mattress. We have to put it somewhere where it can grow so it can take care of us when we need it. However, it’s natural to be afraid of putting our money somewhere where it might disappear.
Investing in gold and silver can allay those fears. In fact, an ideal plan can be to invest in a gold or silver IRA, letting precious metals form the foundation for your retirement.
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