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Trump’s Presidency and the Uncertainty of the Dollar

Trump PresidencyThe election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has thrown the world into turmoil. It seems that no one could have predicted this event, save President Trump’s campaign and his followers. How has this shift in global politics affected the U.S. dollar, and how can we expect it to affect the dollar in the future?
The Beginning: Trump’s Election
In the immediate wake of the news that Trump had won the Presidency, the dollar dropped vs. the U.K. pound and other currencies. However, the U.K., struggling with its own economic challenges, dropped as well, lessening the devaluing of the dollar.
Approaching the Trump Presidency
As Trump’s inauguration approached, the dollar continued to drop, in anticipation of a murky economic platform that would heighten uncertainty. Without specifics about Trump’s economic plans, investor confidence in the dollar was tough to come by.
The Trump Presidency and the Dollar
In the beginning of Trump’s Presidency, as it appeared that he might take actions that would bolster the economy, such as tax cuts, deregulation and greater infrastructure spending, optimism seeped in and the dollar began to rise.
However, Trump’s surprise executive order restricting travel to the U.S. from seven primarily Muslim countries changed all that. Many major companies objected, both on moral grounds and because some of their most important employees were suddenly denied access to the United States. Iran vowed to stop recognizing the U.S. dollar entirely. Investors began dumping both stocks and the dollar fast, causing the Dow Jones Industrial Average to fall below 20,000.
In the months ahead, what will happen with the dollar is nearly impossible to predict with respect to President Trump. We are in the first year of the Trump Presidency, and he has taken only a few of the actions he will take over the course of his term. Any promised tax cuts or deregulation policies he puts in place could cause the dollar to jump. On the other hand, a move like the travel ban could cause the dollar to fall even further.
The one thing that’s certain regarding the U.S. dollar in the immediate future is uncertainty, far more than usual.
Insulating Your Portfolio Against the Vicissitudes of a Trump Presidency
The current political situation in the United States is exactly what investments in gold and silver were made for. Gold and silver have absolute intrinsic value and are historically resistant to market forces. They are a great hedge against uncertain markets, as they often perform well when traditional investment products falter. Investors who are running from stocks and the dollar right now need some place to put their money, and one of the safest places to put it is in precious metals.
If you are concerned about the uncertain economic future and looking for a secure way to protect your assets for your retirement, Fortress Gold Group can help. Fortress Gold Group, the Inc. 500 #1 gold firm in America, can help you put your money into gold and silver so you are no longer subject to the whims of the currency market on the dollar.
You can transfer your existing IRA into a gold or silver-backed IRA with Fortress Gold Group, and you can even invest in a home storage gold IRA, which allows you to store the physical gold you own wherever you want it, so you can have the peace of mind of knowing your gold is in a safe location that you can access when you need to.
To learn more about protecting your assets with gold and silver request your FREE GUIDE today or call our precious metal specialists at 1-800-777-6177 today.

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Inflation is Back, and Investors Are Again Turning to Gold

Inflation is Back, and Investors Are Again Turning to Gold.The history of financial markets reveals that the U.S. dollar and gold are negatively correlated – that they almost always move in opposite directions. As a result, since stocks are tied to the greenback, they too are negatively correlated to gold. Believe it or not, though, gold and stocks have been climbing higher together this month along with the dollar.
Halfway into February, stocks, gold bullion and the dollar are all experiencing 1% spikes. This simultaneous climb has only occurred in two previous months in the past ten years (in March, 2013 and February, 2010).
More often than not, a strong dollar is bearish for gold. During the past five years, gold has fallen an average of 2.2% when the dollar index is up by a percentage point or more.
But it appears gold and the S&P are now climbing on the expectation of inflation to the tune of around 1.9%. As one might expect, the anticipation of inflation paves the way for the Fed to hike rates more quickly, a development which, in turn, is persuading investors to increase their holdings of the shiny metal.
There can be little question that consumers are now paying higher prices for goods and services. Given a 0.6% spike in the Consumer Price Index last month, the annual rate of inflation jumped to a five-year high of 2.5 percent. Though not yet on a par with the inflation rate increase of the Great Recession, consumers are beginning to feel the squeeze in their household budgets. Rising prices in gasoline, apparel, and transportation all reflect this increase.
The costs of producing consumer goods, the producer price index, spiked by 0.6% last month. This is a clear sign that consumer price increases will be with us for a while.
A certain amount of inflation can actually stimulate an economy. Still, the last ninety years are rife with notorious examples of hyperinflation that proved devastating to some nations’ economies. In the years 1921 through 1924, for instance, the German mark became essentially worthless.
As another example, years after its confiscation of private landowners’ farms in the 1990s, Zimbabwe’s currency became horribly inflated. A restroom in South Africa found it necessary to post a sign in a restroom that read “Toilet paper only to be used in this toilet. No cardboard, no cloth, no Zim Dollars, no Newspaper.”
More recently, in Venezuela, the debasement of the bolívar has led to a projection of 1600% inflation in 2017.
While here in the States, we have nowhere near these kinds of inflation problems, we need to prepare ourselves for at least some inflation and the subsequent debasement of the U.S. dollar. History shows the best way for private investors to protect their portfolio against the declining value of the U.S. dollar is to accumulate physical gold.
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Don’t Wait to Buy Gold. Instead – Buy Gold and Wait.

Buy Gold and WaitThe time-honored formula for making money in any investment is to buy low and sell high. Simple. Right?
Just imagine if you’d bought in to, say, Facebook or Walt Disney early in the game. Or suppose, back in January of 1980, you’d bought into the silver market at $6.08 per ounce, only to see the gray metal climb to $49.45 per troy ounce the following year.
Sorry to say, most investors don’t get it. They see an opportunity, study it, reflect, analyze, hypothesize, sleep on it until – guess what? They succumb to doubt, back off, and a “great opportunity” passes them by.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re investing in stock, real estate, or commodities. At same point, you have to be ready and willing to pull the trigger. Every seasoned investor –even the great Warren Buffett – has made his share of mistakes.
Fast forward to the gold market. The shiny metal reached a high the morning of February 17, 2017 of $1,243 per ounce and a low of $1,237, having settled at a closing spot price of $1,238. If you bought in at this level — $1,238 per ounce, could the price drop on you tomorrow, next week, or even next month? Of course!
You can’t predict the future. Any of these gold prices are possible. But even though the dollar has been soaring, it could turn around in a heart beat. According to Richard Falkenhall, senior FX strategist at SEB, “the near-term outlook for the dollar is uncertain given the conflicting force of President Donald Trump’s anticipated economic policies….”
We don’t know when the dollar will reverse its stunning climb. But the possibility is clearly there. A very high value of the dollar is akin to a stiff tax on U.S. exports. And if President Trump keeps his word, and imposes duties on U.S. imports in reaction to that stiff tax, this could translate into a precipitous drop in the stock market.
But even the half-alert investor knows that the best protection against this scenario is to keep accumulating gold. If gold continues to hover at $1,238, buy it. If the price slips below that level to, say $1,175, buy it. If it spikes to $1,300, buy it. Buy low, by all means! But nobody buys at a perfect low.
In other words, don’t wait to buy gold. Buy gold and wait. History has repeatedly shown it’s the best possible insurance you can buy to counteract the negative effects of a sliding dollar or stock market crash.
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The 2016 Black Swan Events Triggering a 2017 Silver Soar

2016 Black Swan
 The year 2016 was quite a year for “Black Swan” events. These are events that caused major geo-political shifts that were difficult to predict or account for in market projections. Here’s a look at some of these events and how it seems they will affect future markets — in particular, the rising price of silver.
The United States Presidential Election
The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was an occurrence that few could have predicted and one that has sent market analysts into a frenzy. As a political outsider, Trump is a wildcard, and the actions he will take and how they will affect markets will be extremely difficult to predict.
What we know so far, however, is that Trump has proposed major increases to defense and infrastructure spending. Such a move is historically inflationary and will also benefit the industrial sector, both of which are trends that we can expect to benefit silver tremendously.
Brexit, the decision by the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union, shocked the world, including many in the U.K. itself. Investors braced for economic chaos — and historically, the place investors run to when the fear of unstable markets is raised is to precious metals like gold and silver.
While the long-term effects of the Brexit vote are still not clear, what is clear is that many savvy investors are likely to hold on to and even accumulate more silver and gold as a hedge against Brexit uncertainty.
London Silver Fixing Ltd. Antitrust Litigation
In 2016, a group of investors sued a number of banks, including Deutsche Bank, AG., UBS, AG, HSBC Holdings PLC and the Bank of Nova Scotia, over allegedly manipulating the London Silver Fixing, a calculation used to price gold and silver instruments. Deutsche Bank AG and affiliates agreed to a settlement in April of 2016.
Evidence strongly suggests that several banks colluded to artificially inflate silver prices so they could short sell and make a large profit when prices dropped. How the lawsuit will affect long-term silver prices is unclear. However, one move some investors are making is switching to physical storage of gold and silver, rather than gold and silver ETFs or other paper contracts for precious metals. This requires less trust on the part of the investor and enables them to have more confidence in their investment.
Invest in Silver With Fortress Gold Group
At Fortress Gold Group, we remain strongly convinced in the power of gold and silver as investment products, especially in the face of Black Swan events such as these. The nature of such events is that they are difficult to predict, but they always happen sooner or later, and tend to do much more damage to traditional investment products like stocks and bonds.
Fortress Gold Group, the #1 Gold Firm in America and an expert in gold, silver and other precious metal investments, offers a Home Storage Gold IRA that allows you to invest in precious metals like silver for your IRA and take physical possession of your investment, storing it wherever you feel most comfortable in order to help you invest with confidence.
Both gold and silver have proven themselves over the long-term as solid investments, and although it’s impossible to predict what will happen down the road, the future looks bright for precious metals.
Learn more about the Fortress Gold Group’s Home Storage IRA and other ways that you can secure your future with an investment in precious metals, call our precious metal specialists today at 1-800-777-6177.

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The Importance of a Comprehensive Retirement Plan

The Importance of a Comprehensive Retirement PlanIn a recent survey conducted by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS), over a third of workers lack any focus or strategy for retiring. They’re simply squirreling away funds on the fly.
The same study points out that nearly half of workers have a plan, but they haven’t written it down. According to studies, writing down a goal reinforces the possibility of achieving it.
Without a written plan, a retirement strategy can prove daunting. Workers contemplating retiring soon need to take into account living expenses, payments to Medicare and Social Security, health care costs, investment returns, a strategy that assures your savings outlasts your retirement years, investment returns, inflation, and many other factors.
It’s especially important that workers have a contingency plan for retiring sooner than they expected. Serious illness could set in. And companies have developed ways to skirt age-discrimination laws when they’re intent on trimming their workforce.
Learning to face certain realities so that you downsize your living quarters, spending less on automobiles is especially important – particularly for retirees who have smaller nest eggs. Frank discussions with your spouse or partner about lifestyle is also a significant part of the equation.
We would also stress that as you age, it’s important to reduce your exposure to risky assets. Rolling the dice on penny stocks or “hot tips” is no way to invest if retirement is on the horizon. Your chances for loss are much greater than your chances for gain. Keep in mind Warren Buffett’s two rules for making money: Rule 1) don’t lose money; Rule 2) Never forget Rule 1.
As you grow older, consider divesting yourself of an abundance of paper assets, and consider acquiring hard assets like real estate and gold, as protection against the ravages of inflation.
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Does Financial History Repeat Itself?

Does Financial History Repeat Itself?History may not repeat itself. According to at least one source (some think Mark Twain), it does at least rhyme. Even if you don’t believe in the mystical forces of history, you’d be foolish to ignore the patterns and signals of financial markets, particularly the ones now staring investors in the face. By heeding them, you could very well enlarge or annihilate a significant portion of your nest egg in the next several months.
According to a February 6, 2017 article in CNBC’s TradingNation by Rebecca Ungarino, gold and bonds are sending a joint signal much like the ones they sent in anticipation of the market crashes in 1987 and 1973.
When gold and bonds rise simultaneously, claims Ungarino, it’s time for a bull stock market to crash. Because investors buying gold and bonds at this point are getting ready for a big market reversal.
The reasoning here is spelled out in a newly released report from analyst Michael Harnett and his colleagues at Bank America Merrill Lynch. When interest rates and gold rise in tandem, it’s a sign of rising inflation. The Federal Reserve invariably follows up with a hike in interest rates – a clear sign of a weakening economy. Harnett points out that, since the election, there’s been a marked increase in expectation of inflation. As the bull market in stocks persists, so does the fear of reversal.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average has now surpassed the 20,000 market, and the S&P is flirting with a record number. To some, these developments are encouraging. To others, they’re troublesome. After all, how far can you stretch a band? How high is up?
If the economy does encounter inflation along the way, business could slow down for lack of ability to invest and grow. If this happens, the stock market is destined to turn around.
The stock market crashes of 1973-1974 and 1987 were both preceded by three consecutive quarters of rising bond yields along with higher bond yields. This combination revealed investors’ desire for enhanced financial protection against a market about to turn around. And right now, bond yields are continuing to rise while money pours into gold.
Doesn’t it make sense, then, to sequester at least some of your retirement funds in physical gold? You’ll be buying into the yellow metal just before the stock market plummets – excellent timing if you’re looking to hedge your portfolio.
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Five Common Mistakes New Gold Investors Make

 Investing in gold is a great decision for your financial future. Many experts agree that a strong financial portfolio should include gold and other precious metals. If you’re new to investing in gold, there are some common pitfalls that must be avoided. Here are five of the most common mistakes that new gold investors make and how to avoid them.
1. Minimal Market Research
With any investment you make, it’s important that you do your research. You need to understand the trends regarding this kind of investment and what to expect. You need to know how this type of investment has done in the past and what you can expect for the future, based on market conditions. This will inform how much you invest and when, and help you plan future investments.
Without the right market research, you’re throwing your money into a hole and hoping more will come out the other side.
2. Investing in Gold Mining Companies
If you’re not careful, you might find yourself investing in gold mining companies rather than actual gold. Someone might even convince you that this is preferable, the idea being that your gold mining company will see the value of their gold rise for only their costs of production, rather than having to buy gold at a certain price and hope it appreciates.
However, the data shows that overall, gold bullion has appreciated more than the index of the most popular gold mining companies. Furthermore, when you own gold bullion, you own a tangible asset whose value is not dependent upon the success of a company, which is why you invest in gold over stocks or bonds in the first place.
3. Purchasing From Unreliable Sources
When you buy gold from an unverified source, it’s hard to know what you’re getting. The gold they sell you may not be as pure as they say it is. Or, if they set themselves up as the trustees of your gold, there may not be any gold at all. For all you know, you may be buying into a Ponzi scheme where the company just hopes they can get the money from other investors if you ever decide to sell any of your “gold.”
When dealing with something as valuable as gold, you must go through a reputable source.
4. Undermining Premium Over Spot Prices
The spot price is the market price of gold at that moment. You pay a premium to the entity that delivers you the gold for their service to you. But paying overly high premiums can really cut into your investment. When investing in gold, you can’t expect to get the exact spot price, but you should look for a gold broker who can get you as close to the spot price as possible.
5. Thinking ETFs and Physical Gold Are the Same
In a gold-based ETF, a group of people invest in the same gold. The idea is you can buy more gold and your fortunes are spread over all of the investors, thereby lowering your risk. Of course, you are also lowering your potential gain.
Furthermore, having a piece of an ETF isn’t the same thing as actually owning your gold. You can’t tell the manager of the ETF to show you your gold, or let you examine it or take it home with you. You can’t even sell your gold — just your interest in the fund. If you really want to own gold, an ETF isn’t what you need.
Fortress Gold Group can solve all these problems for you if you’re interested in investing in gold. As the Inc. 500 #1 Gold Firm in America, you know that Fortress Gold Group is a name you can trust. We’ve done all the research for you, and you can be sure you’re getting real, physical gold at a fair price. There’s no need to take anything on faith.
With our gold-backed home storage IRA, you can actually take your gold home with you and keep it in your basement if you want, although we recommend a more secure location. For investing in gold, Fortress Gold Group is the intelligent choice.
To learn more about Home Gold Storage IRA’s and other precious metal investment products, call Fortress Gold Group today at 1-800-777-6177.

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Experts Claim Inflation Will Drive Gold in 2017

InflationMuch has been published about how the new Trump administration will affect the price of gold. But as the traditional driver of the gold price, inflation is a force not to be ignored.
According to an article in MarketWatch, gold could experience another 5% surge this year, precipitated by an anticipation of higher inflation. The publication cited a survey published by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), in which contributors predict an 5% upside in price this year from the 5% jump already made in January.
According to the survey, gold will average $1,244 per ounce in 2017, in keeping with the average price last year. The yellow metal rose about 9% in 2016. The survey characterizes gold not only as a traditional inflation hedge, but also as a “hiding place away from riskier markets.” Both forces can drive gold simultaneously.
Zaner’s Senior Vice President of Precious Metals, Peter Thomas, believes he’s seen estimates that over 375 million Chinese who want to buy gold can’t do so right now. Of the LBMA survey participants, the biggest bull is Joni Teves, a UBS precious metals analyst, who predicts the average price for 2017 will be $1,350, even in the wake of President Trump’s fiscal stimulus. Robb Lutts, chief investment officer of Cabot Wealth Management, sees gold surpassing $2,000 in two to four years.
He points out that even if inflation doesn’t go beyond 5%, and gold doesn’t skyrocket, it still serves as a “portfolio stabilizer”. Even though it’s rare that stocks and gold simultaneously undergo a bull market, it’s a distinct possibility. Lutts, for instance, envisions companies “adjusting” to inflation as their stocks climb, while gold continues to stabilize portfolios.
The LBMA survey is not alone in its prediction for a jump in the price of gold. A Barron’s article by Dominic Schider, published February 1st, envisions gains for both gold and energy in 2017. The writer feels the price of gold, along with that of other commodities, will bolt in the first half of the year and consolidate in the second as supply plays catch-up with higher prices.
But make no mistake. He feels precious metals and energy will offer the highest anticipated returns.
Given this outlook, investors have a strong basis for accumulating gold at current prices. For an investment offering both stability and profit, gold is hard to beat.
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Gold Retains its Power as a Solid Hedge

Gold is experiencing its share of familiar negative comments these days. We’ve heard them time and again: it doesn’t offer interest, “it just sits there and looks at you” (Warren Buffett), and its price is almost certain to plummet if the dollar keeps soaring. None of these expressions of investor fears are news.
The news is that, at least according to a Reuters report, some large Wall Street fund managers are betting against the stock market, and making significant investments in the yellow metal. Fund managers, including IVA, Ridgeworth, and Fidelity, are some of the players who remain bullish on gold in view of the two-year lows of the VIX, the Chicago Board Options (CBOE) index, Wall Street’s most important measure of volatility.
Charles de Vaulx, the portfolio manager of the $8 billion IVA Worldwide Fund, has observed that the stock market has remained surprisingly lacking in volatility since the election which propelled the S&P to jump 6.5%.
Mr. de Vaulx, as do a number of professionals, feels that President Trump’s sporadic and uncertain actions have the potential to derail the stock market. If he’s correct about this, gold will serve as a solid hedge.
Also, because the President is close to the vest about his spending plans and because he utters or tweets negative comments about the currencies of other countries, the upward course of the dollar could easily reverse.
In his January 17th letter to investors, noted hedge manager David Einhorn blatantly projected Trump’s negative effects on the market: “Our sense is that Mr. Trump doesn’t hold any core policy beliefs and is apt to change his mind as he sees fit ….This will lead to more political and economic uncertainty and less stability.”
As gold stalwartly holds to a price above its $1,200 per ounce support level, it seems that Einhorn’s and de Vaulx’s sentiments are shared by a number of investment managers. Gold rose 1.6% to $1,214.19, Wednesday February 1st, on uncertainty about Trump’s policies, and reached a high on Thursday of $1,225.00. Two days ago, the dollar was off to its worst start in more than a decade, gold is potentially a solid hedge this year.
Gold’s upward price persistence is especially remarkable when you consider the Fed has announced three rate hikes for this year. Fund managers are much too concerned about the uncertainty associated with the new President’s policies to let up on the benefits of a gold hedge.
Ramin Arani, a co-portfolio manager of the $25 billion Fidelity Puritan fund, said, given current political risks, gold provides appealing insurance for his stock exposure.
He commented that “In terms of unpredictability, there is a tail risk with this administration that did not exist with the prior…. “There is a small but present possibility that government action is going to lead to unintended consequences.”
There you have it. If professionals look upon gold as a hedge against equity exposure in uncertain times, wouldn’t it pay you do the same for your nest egg?
Request more information today or call 800-777-6177 now, and ask to speak to a Fortress Gold Group representative.

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As Globalization Reverses, Will Gold Soar?

Globalization ReversesAccording to an article in The Economist several years ago, the contemporary trend of globalization has been with us at least twenty years. International trade and the exchange of knowledge, fueled by technology, have led us to believe we live in one world.
Most recently, we’ve seen this globalism trend undermined, if not starting to reverse. In addition to the familiar recurrence of terrorism and wars in the Middle East, we’ve seen Britain vote to exit the European Union. Prime Minister Theresa May looks upon the event as Britain’s opportunity to control future migration past its borders, and as the rejection of the European Court of Justice’s final word in the matter.
Needless to say, the Prime Minister’s position on the issue dovetails conveniently with President Trump’s new policy of stringent international trade relations. In a two-day meeting beginning Thursday, January 26, 2017, the two leaders hope to forge a separate trade pact for their respective nations – one which substantially reduces tariffs, and allows workers to move from country to country.
In general, though, their views about securing their respective countries’ borders are similar, and signal a marked trend towards de-globalization. Clearly, Trump will have a different meeting with Prime Minister May than the one he would have had with Enrique Peña Nieto.
The Mexican President, outraged as he is with President Trump, has publicly announced he will not capitulate to his demand that Mexico pay for a wall between the two countries’ borders which the new U.S. President plans to erect. The issue is serious enough to have compelled Nieto to cancel a meeting with Trump the morning of January 26th. And Trump has subsequently suggested that Mexico’s payment for the border wall take the form of a 20% tax on that country’s imports into the United States.
The trend towards reverse globalization extends beyond the leaders of the United States and Great Britain. Marine Le Pen, a conservative candidate for President of France, like Donald Trump and Theresa May, is an advocate of protectionism. She is also an opponent of the euro currency, and campaigns for France’s departure from the European Union.
In the upcoming March general election in the Netherlands, the radical-right wing Party for Freedom (PVV) led by Geert Wilders is currently ahead in the polls. Dutch parliament member Wilders has been labeled the “Dutch Donald Trump” for his opposition to grand-scale immigration into his country.
In Germany, although Chancellor Angela Merkel still has strong popular support, it’s noticeably weaker than it’s been in recent months. Merkel has publicly acknowledged it was a mistake for Germany to take in as many immigrants as it has in the past year.
With significant geopolitical risk weighing on Europe and the United States, it would be foolish for investors to bask in the current bull stock market without hedging their portfolio. A plane about to take off doesn’t wait for late arrivals. Neither does a gold market that could very well soon soar.
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