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How Gold is Impacted by a New President

How Gold is Impacted by a New President
The 2016 presidential election was one of the most contentious and possibly the most unique contests in American history. Both sides had a candidate who represented a first: Clinton would have been the first woman elected president of the United States, and Trump became the first president elected without ever having held any prior public office or military service.
In addition, according to polls, Clinton and Trump were the two most unpopular major presidential candidates to oppose each other in history, and the election was won by a candidate who failed to win the popular vote by a large margin. Half of registered voters did not even turn out to vote at all.
So, what does President Trump’s victory mean for the price of gold? Speculation has been rampant. Some feel that an outsider with business experience will generate consumer confidence and all boats will rise. Others feel that having such a brash, inexperienced character at the helm will send people into a panic, which can be a good thing for gold prices, since people see gold as more stable and reliable than stocks and bonds.
What’s the truth of the matter? All we can do is look at previous trends.
Elections and the Gold Cycle
The first thing to note is that typically, gold gains just before the election – around September – and tends to fall a bit at the time of the election, only to go through another rise and fall going into the new year. The next thing to note is that typically, gold performs its worst in the first year of a presidential cycle, so even if gold starts down, it is likely to rise over the course of a presidency.
This Election and the Gold Cycle
What about Donald Trump? How is he likely to affect gold prices? It is interesting to note that the biggest jump in gold immediately following an election over the last half century was following the election of Jimmy Carter in 1976. Carter was also considered an outsider, much like Trump. For this reason, we might speculate that Trump’s election will precede a spike in gold prices.
Long-Term Effects of the Election on Gold
The way the presidential election affects gold prices will be reflected mostly in the monetary policy that follows, and how that policy affects the economy. These things too, are difficult to predict, especially for a layperson.
If you’re considering investing in gold, you would be wise to base your decision not on the outcome of a presidential election, but on the opinions of experts. Ed Moy, former director of the U.S. Mint who oversaw the largest production of gold and silver in the U.S., only trust his gold IRA with Fortress Gold Group. You can request his guide to Gold IRA investing for free.
Due to the stability of gold and its resistance to market forces, many people like the idea of banking on gold for their retirement. With a Gold IRA, you should expect to hold your gold and hope to watch its value grow over numerous election cycles, so your decision doesn’t have to be tied down to one particular election.
Fortress Gold Group provides many options for clients.
To find out more about a Gold IRA, contact Fortress Gold Group today at 800-777-6177 and speak to a precious metals specialist.

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The Short-term Investor vs. the Long-term Investor

Warren Buffett once remarked his investing teacher Benjamin Graham taught him the stock market in the short run is like a voting machine, and in the long run like a weighing machine. These are apt metaphors for a market that can alternately delight and disappoint us at a moment’s notice regardless of technical indicators and trends.

Donald Trump isn’t even President yet, and already since his election, his announced plans have helped drive stocks up and brought them back down. After he mentioned he intended to spend heavily on refashioning America’s infra-structure and replacing the Affordable Care Act, equity markets reacted optimistically, if not wildly. Yet last week, immediately after Trump’s first press conference since he was elected in November, stocks backed off when investors showed disappointment in what the billionaire politician had to say.
As reported by CNBC, the Dow Jones industrial average traded 100 points lower on January 12, 2017, with Goldman Sachs registering the most losses. Bank stocks took a big hit, the S&P 500 dropped around 0.4%. The Nasdaq composite slid about 0.5%.
One of the problems with Trump’s press conference is that he bashed particular industries, such as pharmaceuticals, but failed to offer suggestions on tax reform and fiscal stimulus. Is it any wonder, then, that the dollar dropped, and that concerned investors reacted by flocking to safe havens such as U.S. Treasuries and gold?
It’s one thing for the President-Elect to talk in broad strokes about his noble plans for the nation. But according to chief market strategist Art Hogan at Wunderlich Securities, investors now need specifics. “We’ve baked in a lot of good news; now we need policy details,” commented Hogan.
Vanguard founder Jack Bogle boldly likened Donald Trump’s plans for those of America to the recipes of John Maynard Keynes for rebuilding a slackening economy (no doubt liberals will excoriate Bogle for this remark).
Still, observed Bogle, many of long-term Trump’s plans, like his import protectionism and anti-immigrant policies will have a toxic effect on the economy in the long term.
Which brings us back to Warren Buffett’s metaphors of the voting machine vs. the weighing machine. While it makes sense to buy some stocks, an investor is well advised not to be captive to short-term fads and trends.
The fact that investors flock to gold when the dollar and stocks plummet should demonstrates to us that the yellow metal is a solid long-term investment for the long term. It’s not trendy and it’s not flashy. Gold is safe, sensible, and ultimately profitable. Right now it comes at an especially attractive low price.
For more information REQUEST YOUR GOLD IRA GUIDE NOW or us today at call 800-777-6177 to speak with a Fortress Gold Group representative.

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Gold Remains Strong Despite Delay in Its Climb

Gold inched up in trading Tuesday, January 10, 2017 after an impressive jump in price the previous trading day, based on a retreat of the dollar and the stock market. Still, at a closing spot price of $1,186.00 per ounce, up $5.00 from the previous day’s close, the yellow metal is clearly strong. Demand for physical gold from China, the world’s second biggest consumer, remains ample just before that country’s lunar new year. Its producer price index has risen to a five-year high.
The market has also encountered an accelerated demand for gold exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) in the first two weeks of 2017. From a technical perspective, gold futures look promising too.
The biggest driver of the gold price right now is economic uncertainty – uncertainty about whether the Federal Reserve holds to Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s intention to approve three rate increases this year; and uncertainty too about the decisions President-elect Donald Trump will make once he’s officially inaugurated in seven days.
Through social media, and discussions with the New York Times, Trump has announced his demand that Republicans, the controlling party of both the House and the Senate, vote to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and replace it with something better immediately. Some in the GOP, however, argue that replacing the ACA will require two-three years.
Unaccustomed as he is to the tortoise pace of American politics, our new President will have his work cut out for him. But until public opinion and the congressional outlook begin to accept Trump’s bold statements as his inimitable style, markets will continue to react in knee-jerk fashion to his whim.
In another development, word in the financial community has it that Standard and Poor’s has downgraded nearly three times as many credit ratings as it upgraded in 2016. The financial services company expects to ramp up this trend in 2017.This could turn out bullish for gold since investors in the shiny metal frequently rely on S& P’s ratings of particular governments’ finances to assess how confident they should be in the strength of their respective economies.
While the dollar index traded a bit lower on Tuesday, it still reflects technical strength sufficient enough to delay gold’s ride higher. Nymex Crude oil’s lower prices also could also slow down a bullish climb for the yellow metal.
We cannot overstate the value of investing in physical gold during these uncertain times. If the incoming administration only achieves a small part of its ambitions to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, the country could be in for a heavy dose of inflation. History shows that gold thrives when inflation gets out of hand. You’ll clearly need more of it to protect your retirement account. Get your FREE GUIDE to protecting your IRA or 401k today.
For more information, call 800-777-6177 now, and ask to speak to a Fortress Gold Group representative.

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5 Tips for Successful Gold Investment

investmentYou’ve decided to invest in gold. This is a great decision and an important step toward securing your future. Many savvy investors know the merits of investing in gold, and you can do so just as easily. If you’re investing in gold for the first time, however, you may have some concerns and questions about how it works.
1. Understand the Different Types of Gold Ownership
There are two ways you can handle your gold: Direct ownership or mutualized ownership.
In direct ownership, you own 100 percent of the gold you buy. The gold is held in your name only and you have control at all times over what to do with it. In the case of mutualized ownership, you share ownership of a gold bar with other investors. Your gold is held by a storage partner and you are issued a certificate.
In mutualized ownership, you can own part of a larger amount of gold, and you don’t really have to worry about how your gold is stored or handled. However, you don’t have direct access to your gold and if the storage partner goes bankrupt, your gold could potentially disappear.
With direct ownership, the responsibility for your gold lies entirely with you, although you could have a professional gold firm like Fortress Gold help you figure out the best way to manage your gold, such as with a Gold IRA. Since it is your gold, you can see it, sell it or add to your gold and store it as you choose.
2. Know When to Purchase Gold
There’s rarely a bad time to purchase gold, as it is a stable precious metal with intrinsic value. The best way to know when to purchase gold is to consult with one of our precious metals specialists. We make it our business to analyze gold trends and can help you make an educated decision on when to buy.
3. Know What to Avoid When Purchasing Gold
You should purchase your gold from an established and accredited gold firm, like Fortress Gold Group. Fortress Gold has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, AA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and is an authorized dealer and official member with leading industry organizations.
Just sending your money off to a website that claims it will buy gold on your behalf could result in a loss of your investment if you fall afoul of a disreputable company. Be sure to perform due diligence.
4. Follow Gold Prices
Before you buy, and even while you are holding a gold investment, it’s a good idea to follow gold prices. This gives you an idea of how your gold investment is doing and when you might want to buy more gold. It’s a simple matter to look up gold price trends online.
We have found that most of our clients are far more engaged and successful with their precious metals purchases if they are educated and empowered every step of the way.
5. Learn All You Can About Buying Gold
The more informed an investor you are, the more successful you are likely to be. To get started, you can request the Ed Moy Guide on Gold IRA Investing. Ed Moy is former director of the U.S. Mint, and he oversaw the largest production of gold and silver coins in the world. Fortress Gold Group is the only company Ed Moy trusts with his gold IRA.
Fortress Gold Group is the leading expert on gold investment and other precious metals, and can outline a number of great gold investment options for you, including precious metals IRAs, Private Storage Gold IRAs, and more.
To find out more about how Fortress Gold can help you secure your future with a gold or other precious metal investment, call 1-800-777-6177 today.

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Strong Finish for Gold in 2016 Despite Setbacks

Although gold moved lower in its final dash of 2016, it managed to put an end to its worst weekly slide in 12 years. According to MarketWatch, the shiny metal edged up 9% in 2016. Silver ended up with a 17% gain for the year. On the last trading day of the year, gold futures oscillated in and out of positive territory.
In general, due to initial strong performances for the year, both gold and silver have marked their best annual showing since 2012 as the dollar retreated from the 14-year-highs it managed to scale this month. Here is the MarketWatch summary of the market’s performance:
“Gold futures for February delivery GCG7, -0.53% fell $1.00, or 0.1%, to $1,157.10 an ounce, but had earlier traded up to $1,164. The slim moves looked to leave the contract’s weekly gain at about 2%, and would trim December’s decline to 1.4%.
March silver SIH7, -1.59% was down 15 cents, or 0.9%, at $16.08 an ounce after trading at its highest in about two weeks. For the month, silver is on track for a roughly 2% drop.”

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), though performing choppily at first, wound up trading down by midday. The SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) moved down 0.1%, and the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners (GDX) slipped 2.5%. The ishares Silver Trust (SLV) declined 0.7%.
The ICE Dollar Index (DXY), which ordinarily moves in the opposite direction of gold, declined .5%, with the dollar on a tear. Accordingly, this index traded recently at its highest level since December 2002.
Because gold is generally priced in dollars, when the buck climbs, gold becomes more expensive for holders of other currencies and therefore lowers demand. When the dollar weakens, gold moves higher.
The yellow metal will have its work cut out for it when Donald Trump takes office and introduces additional fiscal stimulus. This, along with the potential downward pressure of higher interest rates introduced by the Fed, could lower demand for the commodity, since it doesn’t yield interest. Since dollar stands to move higher, because of its customary inverse reaction, gold could be in for lower prices – at least for the short term.
The good news for holders of the shiny metal is that, once Trump’s fiscal stimulus package takes hold, aggressive inflation is almost certain to follow. Gold thrives in an inflationary environment.
What the savvy investor needs now is some patience, and an ounce of courage with which to defy the group think set in motion by Wall Street hawkers of paper assets. Surely, at current prices, a gold buyer is now presented with a stellar opportunity.
For more information, call 800-777-6177 now, and ask to speak to a Fortress Gold Group representative.

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Silver Prices Could Skyrocket in 2017

While gold has managed to resist the price pummeling ordinarily stimulated by a raging stock market, its sister precious metal, silver, might offer even stronger speculative investment opportunity in 2017. The gray metal will most certainly mimic any upside gold movement this year. Silver’s specific fundamentals suggest its price might very well soon skyrocket at a rate of increase far beyond that of the yellow metal.
Recently, HSBC analyst Jim Steel observed that economic turmoil in Europe as well as the election of Donald Trump could readily prompt higher prices in silver. “Any revival in investor uncertainty, combined with price-sensitive buying at these levels and limited supply growth, is likely to be conducive to higher prices,” says Steel.
The interest in silver won’t be coming just from investors. Unlike gold, silver is an industrial metal. After its tepid 2016 performance, silver is expected to rise considerably because of purchases for industrial applications. According to Thomson Reuters’ prestigious Gold Fields Mineral Services (GFMS), solar panels will experience an 11% rise in demand. Also, Jim Steel points to a decline in silver-mine production in 2015.
HSBC foresees an $18.75 silver price in 2017, and $19.25 the following year. These prices are up from what GFMS estimates will turn out to be silver’s average price of $17.15 per ounce in 2016. Currently, Silver is $16.37, up $0.37 on the spot market. This thinning supply dynamic is exacerbated by the fact that when silver prices are this low, it’s more difficult for miners to produce the metal profitably.
Keep in mind too that silver’s all-time high price of $52 per ounce occurred in 1979 when the Hunt Brothers from Texas attempted to corner the market. Much more recently, silver reached almost $50 per ounce in April, 2011. In considering any investment, you should keep in mind that markets have memory. It’s much easier for a stock or a commodity to reach a price at which it recently traded.
Also, silver sales have been thriving at mints all over the world. Not only are silver coins selling well at the U.S. Mint, but at the Royal Canadian Mint and Australia’s Perth Mint as well.
In India, silver, like gold, is traditionally used as an integral part of the country’s wedding ceremony. In 2015, according to the Economic Times, India had consumed about 7,000 tons of gold. Of this amount, between 1,900 and 2,000 metric tons were consumed by the industrial sector. Even though silver consumption experienced a cutback in 2016, Surendra Mehta, General Secretary of the India Bullion and Jewellers Association, estimates a 15-20% increase in consumption in 2017 due to the increase in cash flow and farmers’ incomes from copious rains.
Don’t miss an opportunity to invest in gold at its current low price. It is the one stabilizing your portfolio needs as a safe haven and a counterbalance to stocks, and diversification is important too. You don’t want to pass up a fantastic speculative opportunity in silver.
For more information, call 800-777-6177 now, and ask to speak to a Fortress Gold Group representative.

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Should You Hop on to the Stock Investor’s Optimism Train?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average remains within kissing distance to an all-time high of 19,878.44 the morning of December 29, 2016 –– fabulously close to the 20,000 mark, but no cigar just yet. Is this performance the result of the legendary Santa Claus rally in stocks? Or is this simply an expression of investor optimism – the glorious anticipation of a Trump economy ostensibly committed to an ambitious infrastructure spending plan?
Stay tuned. We’ll most likely have at least a partial answer in a couple of weeks.

Fair warning. The last time investors were this bullish, the stock market plummeted 56%. History shows that when public opinion reaches a consensus, it’s almost always off base. Investors invariably hop on to the optimism train too late. This is because they react to a market surge instead of making an effort to understand its true nature and time span.
According to the Wells Fargo/Gallup Investor and Retirement Optimism index, investor sentiment reached a nine-year high a month ago. That indicator registered 96, and marked the third consecutive quarterly rise, up from 79 in the third quarter.
The index is comprised of seven components. Most of its improvement was based on the outlook for the economy at large. Almost 57% of respondents were optimistic about the U.S. economy, up from 45% in the third quarter. Only 27% were pessimistic, down from 35% when the previous survey was taken.
Obviously, there’s a good chance that the Dow Jones Industrial Average will reach, and even bypass, the 20,000 mark by the end of the year. There’s good reason to believe the index will correct substantially early next year.
The caution of one particular group of leaders, business executives, suggests why that could easily happen. According to Edge and Edge Pro newsletter analyst Anthony Mirhaydari, spending on new equipment has declined at a rate not seen since the Great Recession. This metric will ultimately have a dramatic impact on new orders, profit margins, and revenue. This is the kind of hard data runaway investor optimism almost never takes into account.
It’s also the kind of hard data about economic trends that could do serious damage to your portfolio if it’s not hedged or protected properly. Traditionally, the best kind of hedge and protection is gold. In times like this when the Dow Jones Industrial Average appears to be riding for a fall, the inverse correlation between gold and the U.S. dollar and dollar-denominated investments kicks in. You’d be wise to sell at least some paper assets at this point and to use your gains to pick up some gold at an attractive price that could surge much higher very soon.
For more information, call 800-777-6177 now, and ask to speak to a Fortress Gold Group representative.

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How a Drop in the Dollar Can Benefit a Gold Investor

There are many economic triggers that cause gold to rise and fall. Ultimately, these triggers are inseparable. Still, for the purposes of discussion and analysis, they remain distinct. The rate imposed by the Federal Reserve, the national debt, the change in the employment rate, the rise and fall of consumer spending, and global emergencies all affect the price of gold at any given time.
The single most significant factor that influences the price of gold, though, is the relative strength of the dollar. With notable exceptions, the dollar and the price of gold are negatively correlated. As the dollar rises, the price of gold declines, and vice versa.
Since the November 8th election, the dollar spiked an aggressive 5 percent, placing it at a fourteen-year high over an index of major currencies. Once this happened, gold declined to just above $1,131.00 per ounce. As of Today, Friday December 30, 2016 the spot price of gold has moved back up to $1,158.70 per ounce.
The inverse correlation between gold and the U.S. dollar didn’t always hold true. From the beginning of the twentieth century through 1971, the greenback was actually pegged to the price of gold. Then in that year, President Richard Nixon decreed that gold would be allowed to float free, thus ending the automatic convertibility of the dollar to gold. The dollar now became a fiat currency.
Now when the dollar declines, the value of the currencies of other countries increases; and the demand for commodities also increases. Since gold is a commodity, its price too increases. Gold as a safe haven then becomes a natural invitation for an investor holding dollar-denominated investments like stocks, for instance.
Many professional investors feel that the dollar is currently due to turn around. Among them, Adrian Zuercher, head of asset allocation for Asia at UBS, has gone on record to say that the dollar now offers a good short opportunity. In other words, a savvy investor would be wise to speculate on the downside direction of the greenback.
Furthermore, according to Zuercher, President-elect Trump’s grand plans for the U.S. infrastructure could very well exacerbate this dollar turnaround:
“If Mr. Trump wants to spend more, he has to finance it, so fiscal deficits should become more negative. That’s historically not something positive for a currency, also not for the U.S. dollar, and I think this will also start to weigh on the currency.”
Shorting the dollar, while an effective play for the sharp-eyed professional investor, is not the wisest move for conservative lay investors. But they can achieve a similar benefit in their portfolios by investing in gold – especially at its current price. As the dollar falls, they have every good reason to believe the yellow metal will perform inversely to its downward course.
For more information, call 800-777-6177 now, and ask to speak to a Fortress Gold Group representative.

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The Threat of Inflation in a Trump Economy

The United States elected Donald Trump its 45th president because he promised voters change – change in the country’s immigration policy, change in its environmental laws, and, above all, change in its economy.
The United States has been residing in a bubble of low interest rates and minimal inflation. Due to the President-elect’s proposed changes are now closer to reality as inauguration date approaches, they warrant an additional look.
In his insightful December 12, 2016 article, CNN digital correspondent Paul R. La Monica approached the inflation issue through a discussion on the changing pricing of bonds. In general, as inflation increases, the prices of bonds decline. This is because rising inflation degrades what you can earn on a bond investment. For bonds to become more appealing as an investment, then, they need to be priced lower, since they’re competing with the rising prices of stocks.
We know, of course the Fed rate hike that La Monica called “very likely” came into being on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, two days after CNN published his article. In that piece, La Monica smartly suggests the “great bull run for bonds” might be just about over.
About a month ago, bond yields hovered at 1.8%. Financial analysts are now predicting yields just above 3% in the near future. If rates move higher, consumers will almost certainly feel the pinch through increased mortgage and credit cards rates.
As though all this weren’t enough to kick-start inflation, Donald Trump is widely expected to hit up Congress for as much as $1 trillion to overhaul the nation’s infrastructure. Much of this construction bill will most assuredly have to be financed through debt. Investment maven Jeff Gundlach of Doubleline Capital after the election expressed fears that Trump policies could drive rates to soar as high as 6% in the next several years. If bond rates keep rising and stocks keep skyrocketing, the nation could find itself faced with runaway inflation.
While second-guessing the policies of any incoming president is always problematic, with Donald Trump it’s even more so. As a career entrepreneur with no public policy experience, he appears to favor a return-on-investment perspective more than he does, say, a socially expansive principle like the greatest good for the greatest number.
Still, from everything we know about him, he could shift strategic plans on the toss of a nickel. Social Security, Medicare, international trade policy, and the national debt all remain up in the air.
These precarious financial possibilities bring us back to why it’s important to consider an investment in gold now more than ever. On the one hand we’re faced with inflation. On the other hand, we’re faced with economic uncertainty.
At today’s closing spot price of $1,134.70 per ounce, just $35.00 an ounce above its support level, the yellow metal is too attractive a safety hedge to pass up. Gold is the best financial way out for investors caught in the dual trap of uncertainty and looming inflation.
For more information, call 800-777-6177 now, and ask to speak to a Fortress Gold Group representative or request your FREE GUIDE now.

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Benefits of Adding Alternative Assets to Your Portfolio

Alternative Assets
If you’ve done any planning for your retirement, you probably already know the importance of diversifying your portfolio with alternative assets. If you’re just thinking about saving for retirement, diversification is a crucial concept to understand. The basic principle is simple: If you diversify your assets, your retirement fund won’t be lost if any one investment product falters.
Most people have traditional investment products like stocks and bonds, and aren’t educated about other alternative options. Gold and other precious metals are perfect for such diversification. Fortunately, Fortress Gold Group, the #1 leader in Gold IRAs, not only offers diversification in gold, silver, and other precious metals but as well as a variety of other alternative asset IRAs for clients.
Protecting Your Investments with Alternative Solutions
The best protection against uncertain markets is to diversify your assets into products that are more resistant to market forces, that have intrinsic value or whose appreciation or depreciation isn’t directly connected to the success or failure of the market. While gold and other precious metals are a great start in this regard, true diversification means deploying your assets in multiple areas that are independent of each other. Alternative asset IRAs from Fortress Gold Group allow you to do just that.
Alternative Asset IRA Options From Fortress Gold Group
If you have a retirement to protect, there are several exciting IRA options from Fortress Gold Group for you to look at, including:
• Precious Metals-Backed IRA: This is the product where Fortress Gold Group is best known for its expertise. Quite simply, it is an IRA where you invest your capital in gold, silver or other precious metals rather than stocks or bonds. Fortress Gold Group acquires and stores the gold at your direction, managing the retirement account like any other IRA. If necessary, Fortress Gold Group can help you move money from your current IRA into precious metals.
• Private Storage Gold IRA: This is similar to the precious metals-backed IRA, except you have control of where you store your gold. You can store your gold in a safe deposit box or another location of your choosing. You have total access to the contents of your IRA, and if you so desire, you can actually hold the contents, having a real, tangible asset in your hand rather than just paper representing the investments in your IRA.
• Bitcoin IRA: This is an exciting new IRA for the modern age. In a Bitcoin IRA, your IRA is funded with the cryptocurrency bitcoin, an entirely digital currency. In addition to this being a future-facing way of protecting your assets, bitcoin is not tied to any physical currency, so it is free to flourish even if traditional currencies are experiencing a down market.
Fortress Gold Group can help diversify your IRA today. Learn more about the details of these alternative IRAs or contact Fortress Gold Group online today or call 1-800-777-6177.

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