Why Precious Metals IRA?

Why a Gold & Silver IRA Makes Sense

Looking ahead at the remainder of 2012 and beyond our economic recovery, stability and growth faces several hurdles. The implications of the Supreme Court decision on healthcare, the ensuing taxes on the middle class it dictates, the “fiscal cliff” approaching at the end of the year, and an election cycle will all have financial implications that affect the individual American’s pocketbook.

In conjunction, the markets are all but begging Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve to implement Quantitative Easing again to boost the economy with artificial paper printing. All of these factors indicate costly implications on the value of your retirement funds sitting in cash-based assets. Below are several simple reasons why a gold and silver retirement account makes sense now more than ever before.

Top Reasons to go Gold & Silver:

  • Inflation:  Reserve banks around the world are committing paper currency printing at exponential rates.  Simply put, these currencies are valued under the guise they have legitimate intrinsic backing, but they don’t. More paper money supply means less value to each dollar.  Double-digit inflation is inevitable at this rate and will have serious implications
  • American Currency Crisis:  Our almighty greenback, the United States Dollar, is always at risk from other currencies around the world.  As China backs its currency with hoards of gold and Europe strengthens the Euro with collaborative monetary policy, the dollar’s value will drop.  Don’t let your retirement face that consequence.
  • Real Tangible Assets:  Gold and silver coins made with 99.99% certified fine metal content by the US Mint are one of the last REAL assets Americans can own.  Ensure your retirement includes these as part of a sound and diversified portfolio.  Remember these are finite resources; they cannot be synthetically made or printed.
  • No Taxes or Penalties:  The transfer from cash fiat assets into gold and silver is an IRS approved process.  Our IRA specialists are experts at making sure your transfer is quick and effective.  You will not be penalized for conversion, nor taxed for securing your future. 
  • Liquidity:  When the time comes for distributions from your retirement account, you will be holding real gold and silver, one of the most universal and liquid assets in the world.  Fortress will prepare and empower you for the most effective and profitable liquidation when the time comes.
  • Simplicity:  With Fortress retirement conversions we handle the leg work.  No piles of paperwork or confusing processes.  Our system is fast, effective, transparent and fully disclosed to you and your family.
  • Protection from Volatility:  It is no secret our global intertwined economy is facing more corrections, disruptions and pitfalls ahead.  Gold and silver are investment vehicles that stand the test of time, especially in volatility and uncertainty.  Convert and see potential gains from the chaos ahead
  • Be Ahead of the Curve:  Smart investors know it is best to be ahead of the media and masses.  Another bull run on gold and silver is around the corner, and many more are ahead.  The best opportunity to get in is now and profit off others’ belated panic ahead.

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