How it Works

To find out what kinds of gold and silver are eligible for inclusion in an IRA, contact Fortress Gold Group and we will walk you through the entire process of setting up your gold or silver backed IRA:

Here at Fortress we pride ourselves on effective retirement conversions into precious metals. As our growing list of satisfied clients would agree, working with Fortress offers you:

  • Lowest national prices
  • Honest, Safe and Secure Transaction
  • Fastest in the business
  • We cover the fees
  • Partners for life


 For the 3 Minute IRA Form to get started, Click Here.  

You worked hard to earn the money in your savings.  Protect it by including precious metals in your IRA, and enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your family’s financial future is secure.  Precious metals offer an opportunity to take your retirement funds and turn them, literally, into gold and silver. This process not only protects and preserves your hard-earned wealth, but with your Specialist at Fortress Gold Group, it is simple and fast. 

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