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The top reasons why Gold and Silver remain popular with investors can be traced back in history. Gold in particular has been revered since it was first discovered and it has been a store of value for over 6,000 years. Throughout history, Gold has endured centuries of economic, political and social instability that continues today. When it comes to preservation of your wealth, no other resource has grown in value as much as Gold has.

Investors, Countries and Governments of all sizes are buying Gold:

As a Protection Against Inflation As a Hedge Against Volatile Stock Markets
As Investment Diversification To Counter Currency Devaluation
As Gold Has Continuously Outperformed Stocks,
Bonds, Mutual Funds and Real Estate
To Create Stability
As Gold Has Continuously Outperformed the S&P
and Dow Jones
To Preserve Wealth

Gold’s Value Grows: Over the past 40 years Gold has grown over 2000% in value.

Gold and Silver are a method of preserving and storing the value of one’s wealth, retirement and investment portfolio. As an essential hedge against inflation, volatility and fiat currency devaluation, those who invest in Gold and Silver range from middle class investors to billionaire investors. Precious metals are accessible to everyone concerned about:

Volatile Stock Markets Growing Government Size Massive National Debt
Fluctuating Commodity Prices Continued Currency Printing Inflation Fears

Billionaires Who Invest in Gold:

Eric Sprott

(1.1 billion net worth)

“Anytime you have a financial collapse, the last place you want your money is a leveraged bank and/or a government bond and for that matter most stocks. So what is left when you exclude those categories? Gold is the place you turn.”

Thomas Kaplan

($1 billion net worth)

“For the first time in 30 years, central bankers are net buyers of gold Every day, new governments want to have their reserves in gold”

David Einhorn

($1.6 billion net worth)

“What we really own gold for is just in case something goes really really haywire, and what I’m thinking about in terms of is mostly the monetary policies…that are being run by the big economies.”

Seth Klarman

($1.3 billion net worth)

“The cool thing about gold is that it’s a good hedge to own should the solvency of the nited States be called into question.”

John Paulson

($13.5 billion net worth)

“By the time inflation becomes evident, gold will probably have moved, which implies that now is the time to build a position in gold.”

Paul Tudor Jones

(4.3 billion net worth)

“As one would expect, rising
inflation suggest higher gold prices, especially when the Fed is perceived to be behind the curve.”

Investors of all levels of experience are attracted to gold as a solid, tangible and long-term store of value that historically has moved independently of other assets. Our analysis shows that gold can be used in portfolios to protect global purchasing power, reduce portfolio volatility and minimize losses during periods of market shock. It can serve as a high-quality, liquid asset to be used when selling other assets would cause losses. National central banks, stewards of the world’s largest long-term investment portfolios, use gold to mitigate portfolio risk in this way, and have been net buyers of gold since 2010. -World Gold Council

At Fortress Gold Group we take a disciplined, well-balanced and collaborative approach with our clients. We have found that most of our clients are far more engaged and successful with their precious metals purchases if they are educated and empowered every step of the way. Our senior metals specialists will provide you with all the materials you need, when you want them. Without being a burden, our team will ensure you have what you need to make informed decisions, and that your questions are always properly answered.

At Fortress Gold Group we ensure that every prospective precious metals investor understands:

The Fundamentals of Gold and Silver The Options for Gold and Silver IRA’s
The Different Gold and Silver Products Available The Must Know Facts Before You Invest

Once completely educated, our senior metals specialists will guide you through the process on how to investin Gold and Silver for private possession or through a retirement account. The process is simple, seamless and all transactions and purchases are insured up to 1 million dollars.

Our Simple 3 Step Process To Start Your Investment In Gold and Silver

(min. $10,000 investment)

“I found the Fortress Gold Group staff professional, knowledgeable, patient and very helpful. Being a novice at investing and not understanding all the nuances of investing in precious metals in particular, my precious metal expert took the time to explain the details of precious metal investing. The IRA department handled all the required paperwork and made it easy for my initial investment. They have listened to my desires, demonstrated that they care about my investment resources and have ensured that I am comfortable as well as confident before executing the planned investment.They have treated me like family and I don’t think that I could have found a better company or staff to conduct business with in precious metals.” – Pete G. (Mississippi)

Fortress Gold Group is a Pro-Consumer Advocate. As such, our goal is to educate and help you protect yourself when purchasing Gold and Silver. We compiled a list of the most common ways to identify companies that may not have your best interests in mind.

By requesting our Free Investor Kit you will learn the insider tips on what to look out for when buying gold and silver.

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