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These days, as the government gets further into our lives and pocketbooks, we can't really know our money is safe, unless it is in our hands. As most see gold and silver as the protection strategy of their retirement, it makes sense we would want it in our possession as well. Now we can. The Home Storage Gold IRA provides investors an option to hold their Gold & Silver metals privately. At Fortress Gold we have simplified the process into 3 seamless steps, and provide the full-service assistance you will need to take possession of your Gold IRA.

Set up Your LLC:
Our expert partners will establish an LLC and required documents to get you started.  This LLC is used within a self-directed IRA, enabling you to manage purchases of gold and silver for private storage.

Fund Your Account: 
You can transfer funds from any existing IRA, 401k or other retirement account. Our IRA specialists prepare all the forms necessary and will facilitate the process with you.

Purchase your Gold: 
Once funds arrive at your LLC Bank Account, you can start placing orders of gold and silver.  These metals will be shipped to the location you prefer.

We've all purchased a mutual fund before, where monies are given to the fund manager to invest on your behalf. With the Home Storage Gold IRA, your LLC is the mutual fund and YOU are the manager



Savvy investors have utilized the LLC process since the 1990's to have more control and self-direction with their retirement funds. To date, this process has been legally tested and is an IRS-Approved process. Below are links to cases in which the LLC model was upheld and confirmed legal:

Swanson vs. Commissioner

IRA holder James Swanson created a special-purpose business owned by his IRA. He made himself a non-compensated manager, allowing complete control of the investments. The IRS challenged Swanson, on the grounds that this was a prohibited transaction. The judged found Swanson compliant and since then, LLC IRAs have been legal. See the case here: 106 TC 76

IRS Field Services Advice Memorandum 20018011

In 2001, the IRS educated its agents on the legality of LLC IRAs via FSA 200128011. This memo reiterated the findings and rulings of the 1996 Swanson case, enabling individuals to user self-directed IRAs to purchase shares of a newly-formed LLC without self-dealing. See the case here: FSA 200128011

TC Memo 2013-245


In 2013 another individual, Terry Ellis, used the LLC model to purchase a used car business with his retirement funds. The IRS originally argued that this violated Section 4975 of the tax code, but the court decided and confirmed that this action was compliant. As a result, LLC IRAs are recognized by both the Tax Court and IRA as completely legal, with precedence. See the case here: TC Memo 2013-245


How does a Home Storage Gold IRA Work?


Do I need a custodian with my Home Storage Gold IRA?


Gold buyers looking for home storage will establish a self-directed IRA with checkbook control. Fortress Gold Group will walk you through the easy steps to get started.


Yes. The Home Storage Gold IRA is required to have a custodian by IRS regulations. This custodian will hold the LLC ownership in tax-deferred status. You will have complete control of the money and precious metals.

Do my retirement funds stay tax deferred with my Home Storage Gold IRA?


Can I Hold or Store Precious Metals owned by my IRA in a Safety Deposit Box?


Yes. The Home Storage Gold IRA has the same tax deferred benefits and early withdrawal penalties as a traditional IRA. Please also consult with your accountant or tax attorney to confirm current regulations and how they affect your specific circumstances.


Yes. With the LLC IRA designed and built specific for your Home Storage Gold IRA you have the latitude to determine your storage preferences. You can store your precious metals in a safe at home, a local safety deposit box, or any depository.

What kind of account can I turn into a Home Storage Gold IRA?


What kind of precious metals are allowed with a Home Storage Gold IRA?


All retirement accounts are eligible for the Home Storage IRA Solution. Accounts eligible include Traditional IRA, ROTH IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, 401k, 403b, 457, TSP, and annuities. Contact a Home Storage IRA Specialist from Fortress today to learn more about the specific process for your account. 800.777.6177 ext 7005


Under Internal Revenue Code Section 408(m) there is an exemption for bullion and coins allowed to be purchased by a retirement account. Contact a Home Storage IRA Specialist from Fortress today to learn more about the specific products eligible for your account. 800.777.6177 ext 7005

Is the account type and process allowed by the IRS?


What are the costs associated?


Self-directed IRAs with Checkbook control have been in use since the early 1990's. With this tool you can still achieve all the same advantages of a traditional retirement plan. You are advised to consult with your accountant or tax attorney to confirm current regulations and how they affect your specific circumstances.


The Home Storage Gold IRA offered from Fortress Gold Group has a 1 time set-up fee of $599. This includes LLC creation, Operating Agreement, State Filing Fees, 1st Year Registered Agent Fees, EIN Filing, On-going account support.

Annually the costs include a $49 Registered Agent Fee and $100 custodial fee.



Acknowledgement: By signing, I affirm that I am engaging Fortress Gold Group as a gold and silver broker/dealer for my precious metals purchases. I affirm that the LLC as a mechanism through which I may better contrrol my Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a self-directed strategy. Because this is a self-directed investment strategy, I acknowledge and assume full responsibiliy for maintaining compliance with all IRS regulations with respect to all investment and procedural activities of the LLC, and hold Fortress Gold Group harmless for decisions taken by me. I understand that it is my responsibility to seek independent tax or legal counsel to assist with matters specific to my situation. By signing below, I also affirm my understanding that the LLC option, while legally tested, is no guarantee of future results or changing regulations. I acknowledge that I was provided information on my other options available, including a traditional precious metals IRA structure where the metals are held inside an IRS approved depository, managed by an IRS approved custodian/trustee.

Privacy: Fortress Gold Group agrees to protect and not disclose to third parties not directly associated with the services rendered any personal or private information.

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