Gold’s Bull Market—More Record Highs Expected

If you have not yet gotten into the business of investing in gold, there is still a window of opportunity for you to profit, say analysts in an interview with CNBC.  Even though gold prices have leveled off somewhat in comparison to the 430% spike in the past decade, the bull market is far from over.  This leveling-off of prices is only temporary, said the analysts, and by summer, prices will begin soaring again to an estimated $1,900 an ounce by the end of the year.

The investment experts at Morgan Stanley tend to agree. “Negative real interest rates, the prospect of further unconventional monetary policy in the US and Europe to confront uncertainties on the growth outlook, and heightened political tensions in the Middle East are all expected to underpin strong investment demand,” they were quoted as saying in the CNBC article.

This forecast presents an amazing opportunity for investors looking to cash in on gold’s recent surge.  Gold has long been considered a solid diversification from traditional investments such as; stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, as it provides a low-risk, high-yield option to those who wish to hedge against the turbulent economy and devaluation of the U.S. Dollar.

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