4 Reasons for Investing in Precious Metals…


Protect Your Wealth

You’ve worked hard over the years for your assets and money.  It is imperative that you take charge in defending those earnings against the perils of our economy.  The Federal Reserve is working to keep Wall Street alive at the burden of Americans like you on Main Street.  Let gold and silver work for you to maintain the value of your earnings, assets and wealth.


Find Certainty in an Economic Jungle

It seems everywhere you look today; there is confusion and contradiction about the future vitality of the global economy.  Whether it is the devaluing dollar, risk of inflation, excessive government debt or oil prices; these factors have an impact on the value of your money and savings.  Find certainty in the only hard currency that has stood the test of time and seen growth at or above inflation since 1971. 


Diversify Your Retirement

Avoid contributing to a bottomless pit with traditional cash-based retirement plans.  Today’s national monetary policy simply prints money to solve economic disturbances.  Every time the printing press runs, the value of your dollars sitting in retirement drastically declines.  Allocate a percentage of gold and silver precious metals in your own self-direct independent retirement account and stop the bleeding.


Stay Liquid, Always

Not only can gold, silver and other precious metals protect your wealth from inflation and other economic perils, it is also the world’s ONLY universally hard currency.  Gold-buying marketplaces are open 24 hours a day, all year for you to liquefy your gold and silver assets as you deem necessary.  Unlike other hard assets, a simple call to Fortress can help you liquefy at your discretion. 

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