Fortress Announces New Alternative Strategies

With a failing economy and overwhelming national debt, more people are looking for ways to diversify their portfolio and protect their retirement than ever before.
But when it comes to alternatives to the dollar, the only advice you may hear is “buy gold.” That’s because most alternative investment companies specialize in selling gold – and only gold.
Gold may be fundamental to a diversified alternative portfolio, but it shouldn’t be the only asset in the mix. There are several real, tangible alternative investment opportunities out there, including bitcoin, real estate, loans, precious metals, and more.
These alternatives, not just gold, are the future of finance.
At Fortress, we’re pioneering innovation in alternative self-directed IRA strategies. Some of Fortress’ recent accomplishments include:
• Attaining regulatory approval to create the first ever Bitcoin IRA, revolutionizing the power of your retirement savings with cryptocurrency
• Creating turn-key Single Member LLC options for added flexibility and privacy compared to traditional depository services
• Launching Real Estate IRA, the next level real estate option without high barriers of entry, designed as a real estate backed fixed-income option for your IRA or 401k
“We will always aim to innovate at the cutting edge,” announced Chris Kline, Chief Operations Officer at Fortress. He added, “Gold buyers today need more than a glorified coin shop, they deserve a more sophisticated option.”
Fortress is rethinking the power and potential of alternative assets to give you unprecedented control over your future and your retirement savings.
For more information, call 800-777-6177 now, and ask to speak to a Fortress representative.

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