Experts Predict: The Gold Rally is Just Getting Started

If you own a gold IRA, you’re more than likely feeling pretty good about your decision. Gold prices have risen about 15% in 2016, making it one of the strongest market performers this year, according to U.S. News and World Report. It’s up 17.5% against the dollar, 16% against the euro, and 9% against the Japanese yen.
Why is this happening? Investors, banks, and even governments are getting more and more worried about what’s on the horizon for the global economy. They want tangible assets – things with real value that don’t run the risk of suddenly becoming worthless overnight. This is a very real risk with paper assets including stocks, bonds, and even cash. When times are uncertain, gold and other precious metals are one of the few reliable assets. It’s one of several reasons why you should invest in gold.
And times are uncertain. China, one of America’s biggest trading partners (and the second largest economy in the world by nominal GDP) is currently in the midst of an unforeseen, unprecedented economic crisis. Their stock market is plunging, despite drastic measures from the Chinese government to stem the tide that include omitting data from its reports and pressuring companies not to release certain information. They’ve even made it a criminal act to make negative predictions about their economy.
All the fear is creating a climate of demand for gold, silver, and other precious metals. But there is evidence indicating that gold’s strength isn’t just a temporary boost. According to analysts like Mad Money’s Jim Cramer, it may be set to go even higher. A number of factors contribute to this belief, including decisions by Japan and Europe to cut interest rates below zero (meaning that you actually lose money by just keeping it in the bank). As well, according to Business Insider, demand for gold in 2016 has increased dramatically compared to previous years, and could be poised to increase even more.
Not investing in gold at the moment? Then you might be losing more than a great investment opportunity. Your hard-earned savings could be at risk if you haven’t diversified your portfolio with gold and silver to balance out your less tangible investments.
If China’s economy falls, chances are good that the United States economy will go down with it, creating an era of instability and downturn not seen since the Great Recession of 2008. Countless Americans saw their retirement savings get wiped out in those troubling times. Contact us to learn more about opening a Gold IRA.

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