Don’t Wait to Buy Gold. Instead – Buy Gold and Wait.

Buy Gold and WaitThe time-honored formula for making money in any investment is to buy low and sell high. Simple. Right?
Just imagine if you’d bought in to, say, Facebook or Walt Disney early in the game. Or suppose, back in January of 1980, you’d bought into the silver market at $6.08 per ounce, only to see the gray metal climb to $49.45 per troy ounce the following year.
Sorry to say, most investors don’t get it. They see an opportunity, study it, reflect, analyze, hypothesize, sleep on it until – guess what? They succumb to doubt, back off, and a “great opportunity” passes them by.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re investing in stock, real estate, or commodities. At same point, you have to be ready and willing to pull the trigger. Every seasoned investor –even the great Warren Buffett – has made his share of mistakes.
Fast forward to the gold market. The shiny metal reached a high the morning of February 17, 2017 of $1,243 per ounce and a low of $1,237, having settled at a closing spot price of $1,238. If you bought in at this level — $1,238 per ounce, could the price drop on you tomorrow, next week, or even next month? Of course!
You can’t predict the future. Any of these gold prices are possible. But even though the dollar has been soaring, it could turn around in a heart beat. According to Richard Falkenhall, senior FX strategist at SEB, “the near-term outlook for the dollar is uncertain given the conflicting force of President Donald Trump’s anticipated economic policies….”
We don’t know when the dollar will reverse its stunning climb. But the possibility is clearly there. A very high value of the dollar is akin to a stiff tax on U.S. exports. And if President Trump keeps his word, and imposes duties on U.S. imports in reaction to that stiff tax, this could translate into a precipitous drop in the stock market.
But even the half-alert investor knows that the best protection against this scenario is to keep accumulating gold. If gold continues to hover at $1,238, buy it. If the price slips below that level to, say $1,175, buy it. If it spikes to $1,300, buy it. Buy low, by all means! But nobody buys at a perfect low.
In other words, don’t wait to buy gold. Buy gold and wait. History has repeatedly shown it’s the best possible insurance you can buy to counteract the negative effects of a sliding dollar or stock market crash.
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