Concerns about government shutdown could provide strong opportunity to invest in gold

There are concerns that the recent influx of a large number of newcomers to the U.S. House of Representatives could potentially shut down the spending of the federal government.

Data provided by Bloomberg News indicates that of the 233 Republicans who are in the House, 103 of them have served for three years or less. This change has created a new normal, as additional data provided by Bloomberg reveals that in 2013, about 18 percent of the Republicans in this particular body have broken away from the interests of their leaders.

The rising influence of this group has generated concerns that they will create the first shutdown of the federal government since the one that happened in the 1990s, according to the news source.

MSNBC reported that as of September 16, only five voting days remained until one of these events was set to take place. John Boehner, who is the speaker of the U.S. House of representatives, has thus far been unable to get the votes needed to pass his proposed spending bill.

In the event that Washington lawmakers are unable to get the needed legislation passed, this could result in significant economic turmoil. One asset that many have stockpiled in preparation for such events is gold. Individuals who take part in precious metals investing might benefit from keeping up with such political news.

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