Brexit and Gold: Everything You Need to Know

Brexit and Gold Since Brexit, the colloquial term commonly used for the British exit from the European Union, was proposed, there has been a great deal of speculation as to how Brexit would affect various financial markets. Now that Brexit is a reality, you may be wondering, as an investor, what the impact of the move has been so far and will be on the gold market looking ahead.
Gold Markets Before Brexit
It’s interesting to note that even though conventional wisdom said that Britain would not choose to separate from the EU, the price of gold began to steadily rise as the vote got closer. This should surprise no one. Typically, in the wake of any uncertainty in the financial markets, precious metals such as gold and silver are suddenly at a premium.
Investors know precious metals are a much more stable investment. Gold is always gold, no matter what happens to the markets. It will always be desirable as jewelry, it will always have scientific applications, you will always be able to sell it if you need to. People who bought gold in the weeks leading up to Brexit were hedging against a departure from the European Union that might destabilize markets, and that bet, at least in the short term, seems to have paid off.
Gold Markets After Brexit
After Britain formally chose to leave the European Union, the spot price of gold shot up to $1,374.71, reflecting a rise of nearly 25 percent on the year, and sending gold to its highest level since March 2014. Again, if people were afraid about what would happen to traditional markets when Brexit was a possibility, Brexit becoming a certainty just magnified those fears.
If you bought gold a year earlier and sold it right after Brexit was passed, you could have made a fortune. Now that the Brexit vote has come and gone, however, what does it all mean for you and your gold moving forward?
The Future of Brexit and Gold
Gold has settled a little bit since the Brexit furor has had time to calm down, but it’s still trading at quite a high level. No one really knows how the removal of Britain from the unified European economy will affect our global economy and the world markets, and it is in times of uncertainty that gold really shows its strength.
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