Why More Investors Are Buying Gold

gold How do you know where to invest your money? If you’re like most people, you’re no financial expert, and the truth is it’s very difficult to predict which specific investments will pay off in the future and which will fail. So how do you decide? Many people, when trying to make an important but difficult decision, look at what the experts have done. If the people who have been successful tend to go in a certain direction, it often makes sense to follow suit. For this reason, you should be aware that many of the world’s foremost investors are betting heavily on gold.
Which Billionaire Investors Are Saying Yes to Gold
Why are hedge fund billionaires and some of the richest investors on the planet investing in gold? They recognize that in uncertain markets, precious metals are among the most stable investments available. As of last year, Stanley Drunkenmiller’s Duquesne fund had nearly 25 percent of its U.S. equity portfolio invested in gold-based stocks. He has even told investors to get out of stocks entirely. Why? Drunkenmiller cites the easy money policies of the Fed as well as uncertainty related to the Chinese economy.
He’s not the only one. DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeff Gundlach predicts a steady rise in gold prices, and billionaire investor George Soros, whose management fund controls more than $30 billion, has jumped back into the trading game by selling stocks and buying gold and gold miners’ shares. He’s concerned not only about China, but also the struggling Greek economy and the potential collapse of the European Union. With the U.K. recently pulling out of the EU, it’s easy to understand where his concerns are founded.
Why the Big Investors Love Gold
The reason these investors are excited about gold is because of the inevitable instability of world financial markets, especially in these difficult times. When markets are unstable, investors are often motivated by fear, and come running to gold for security. They know gold tends to retain its value and even grow in value in difficult markets. When those investors start looking for gold to protect themselves, you want to already have that gold in your investment portfolio.
Fortunately, it’s not only billionaires that can protect and grow their financial position with gold. Anyone can invest in their future with gold. How? You may find it wise to follow the lead of Edmund C. Moy, the former director of the United States Mint, considered by some to be the leading expert on gold and silver. Moy has money invested in a gold IRA with Fortress Gold. In fact, Fortress Gold Group is the only company Moy trusts with his gold-backed IRA investing.
How You Can Invest Like the Billionaires
To hedge against unstable markets with gold, call 1-800-777-6177 to find out how you can set up your very own Gold IRA. There’s no tax penalty for converting your IRA to a precious metals-backed IRA, and you continue to enjoy all the benefits of an IRA or 401(k) retirement account with the added confidence of knowing it is backed by the stability of gold or other precious metals.
Investors who have made billions based on their investing knowledge believe in gold, and even the former director of the U.S. Mint recommends the Fortress Gold Group gold-backed IRA. If they’re doing it, shouldn’t you? Contact Fortress Gold Group now and protect your retirement account before the next big market fluctuation hits by acting today.

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