Trump’s Presidency and the Uncertainty of the Dollar

Trump PresidencyThe election of Donald Trump as President of the United States has thrown the world into turmoil. It seems that no one could have predicted this event, save President Trump’s campaign and his followers. How has this shift in global politics affected the U.S. dollar, and how can we expect it to affect the dollar in the future?
The Beginning: Trump’s Election
In the immediate wake of the news that Trump had won the Presidency, the dollar dropped vs. the U.K. pound and other currencies. However, the U.K., struggling with its own economic challenges, dropped as well, lessening the devaluing of the dollar.
Approaching the Trump Presidency
As Trump’s inauguration approached, the dollar continued to drop, in anticipation of a murky economic platform that would heighten uncertainty. Without specifics about Trump’s economic plans, investor confidence in the dollar was tough to come by.
The Trump Presidency and the Dollar
In the beginning of Trump’s Presidency, as it appeared that he might take actions that would bolster the economy, such as tax cuts, deregulation and greater infrastructure spending, optimism seeped in and the dollar began to rise.
However, Trump’s surprise executive order restricting travel to the U.S. from seven primarily Muslim countries changed all that. Many major companies objected, both on moral grounds and because some of their most important employees were suddenly denied access to the United States. Iran vowed to stop recognizing the U.S. dollar entirely. Investors began dumping both stocks and the dollar fast, causing the Dow Jones Industrial Average to fall below 20,000.
In the months ahead, what will happen with the dollar is nearly impossible to predict with respect to President Trump. We are in the first year of the Trump Presidency, and he has taken only a few of the actions he will take over the course of his term. Any promised tax cuts or deregulation policies he puts in place could cause the dollar to jump. On the other hand, a move like the travel ban could cause the dollar to fall even further.
The one thing that’s certain regarding the U.S. dollar in the immediate future is uncertainty, far more than usual.
Insulating Your Portfolio Against the Vicissitudes of a Trump Presidency
The current political situation in the United States is exactly what investments in gold and silver were made for. Gold and silver have absolute intrinsic value and are historically resistant to market forces. They are a great hedge against uncertain markets, as they often perform well when traditional investment products falter. Investors who are running from stocks and the dollar right now need some place to put their money, and one of the safest places to put it is in precious metals.
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