The Importance of a Comprehensive Retirement Plan

The Importance of a Comprehensive Retirement PlanIn a recent survey conducted by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS), over a third of workers lack any focus or strategy for retiring. They’re simply squirreling away funds on the fly.
The same study points out that nearly half of workers have a plan, but they haven’t written it down. According to studies, writing down a goal reinforces the possibility of achieving it.
Without a written plan, a retirement strategy can prove daunting. Workers contemplating retiring soon need to take into account living expenses, payments to Medicare and Social Security, health care costs, investment returns, a strategy that assures your savings outlasts your retirement years, investment returns, inflation, and many other factors.
It’s especially important that workers have a contingency plan for retiring sooner than they expected. Serious illness could set in. And companies have developed ways to skirt age-discrimination laws when they’re intent on trimming their workforce.
Learning to face certain realities so that you downsize your living quarters, spending less on automobiles is especially important – particularly for retirees who have smaller nest eggs. Frank discussions with your spouse or partner about lifestyle is also a significant part of the equation.
We would also stress that as you age, it’s important to reduce your exposure to risky assets. Rolling the dice on penny stocks or “hot tips” is no way to invest if retirement is on the horizon. Your chances for loss are much greater than your chances for gain. Keep in mind Warren Buffett’s two rules for making money: Rule 1) don’t lose money; Rule 2) Never forget Rule 1.
As you grow older, consider divesting yourself of an abundance of paper assets, and consider acquiring hard assets like real estate and gold, as protection against the ravages of inflation.
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