Now is an Excellent Time to Buy Gold

goldWhenever you invest, you should be guided by one overriding market principle – buy low, and sell high. While that seems almost tediously obvious, there’s a good reason for it. The obvious part is the arithmetic of it all. Clearly, if there’s a stock you’re certain is going to perform well, you’ll want to buy it at as strategically low a price you can get in at.
The subtler part of the technique is professional short-term traders like to take profits, so it’s good to wait until right after they sell. The stock or commodity will dip, and voilà! You’ve just availed yourself of a profitable investment opportunity at a good price.
One way to spot such opportunities is to look at technical and fundamental indicators, like, for instance, a stock’s 52-week moving average.
Even investors who short stocks or commodities (speculate on their downside potential) should honor the buy-low-sell-high principle. The difference is, to make a profit, they’ll need to do so in reverse – sell high first, then buy low. (Incidentally, shorting is not an investment technique we ordinarily recommend in this blog.)
Right now, gold provides an excellent upside opportunity. Although Janet Yellen has claimed there’s a greater reason now for the Fed to raise interest rates, her overall approach is now dovish. She’s emphasized any attempt to hike rates should be gradual.
After five days of mild downside, gold rallied slightly on Friday, August 26 on news of a slipping dollar. The chances for a price climb in the yellow metal are especially promising if we encounter a setback in the global economy. Currently, for instance, the prospect of negative interest rates in many countries makes gold a solid risk-off trade.
Ironically, while central banks are moving towards negative interest rates, they’re continuing to buy gold. Also, there is strong demand for gold right now from China and India.
But supplies are low. Because of low prices before gold started to move, miners have had to lower exploration costs.
In short, with all these factors taken together, gold now has strong upside potential. Also, when you take into account the shiny metal reached as high as $1,370 per ounce a few months back, and is poised at an attractive price just above its support level at $1,315 per ounce.
By entering the market now, you could soon be on your way to $4,000-5,000 per ounce or even much higher.
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