How a Gold IRA Works

The Basics to Physical Gold Inside Your IRA or 401k

You’ve covered your house, vehicle and maybe even you life with insurance, but what about your retirement portfolio?  With volatility at historic levels, many smart investors are allocating a percentage of their retirement accounts to real tangible insurance:  physical gold and silver.

With the right Gold IRA Company, many investors are finding the process streamlined, efficient and rewarding.  If you are looking to get started, below is the 3-Step process designed by Fortress Gold IRA Specialists:

3 Steps to a Gold IRA

1.  Application:  Start with establishing an account eligible to hold physical gold and silver.  The account is a self-directed IRA, eligible for several types of assets, notably gold and silver bars, rounds and minted coins.  If you want to start your new Gold IRA with our secure online setup form, click here.

2.  Transfer of Funds:  Once the application is process and your new account is established, our IRA Specialists help facilitate the funding of the new account.  They will coordinate a conference call with your current IRA provider, to ensure you seamlessly move as little or as much as you want to your Gold IRA Account.

3.  Allocation: Once funded, you are ready to start allocating the gold and silver of your choice.  Your senior metals specialist will provide a thorough education of the products eligible and available, ensuring you are fully empowered in your purchasing decisions.  Once your strategy is ready, you will receive an allocation bundle that discloses all the moving parts of the transaction, transparently.  

The Fortress Gold Difference

When considering a new Gold IRA, you have options.  There are over 400 gold companies out there, so it is important to ensure you are picking a company with upstanding records of reputation and compliance, so that you have a reliable partner with your new Gold IRA.  Fortress Gold Group is a distinguished Precious Metals IRA firm that provides you with:

Compliant Gold IRA:
With Fortress Gold, you can be certain your Gold IRA is 100% compliant and secure.  We are the only firm in America that carries a $1million Customer Transaction Insurance, along with full compliance with every Consumer Protection Division in the nation.  With Fortress, you will ensure your new Gold IRA is established, funded and allocated compliantly and securely.   

Brink’s Partnership: 
Due to our strict standards and criteria, Fortress Gold was offered an exclusive partnership with Brink’s Global Services.  As our client, you can utilize their 100’s of years of storage experience and securely store your IRA gold and silver at one of their three state of the art depositories in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles or New York. 


Full Service Experience: 
Fortress Gold was built to provide the full service option for a Gold & Silver IRA.  Our pedigree as the most compliant gold firm in America cultivates the best experience for you and your retirement needs.  Fortress Gold understands and educates you correctly.  As a result we are ranked #1 among ALL precious metals firms in America by Inc500 magazine.

 The Ed Moy Gold IRA

Edmund “Ed” C. Moy served under President George W Bush as the 38th Director of the United States Mint.  During that time, he oversaw the largest production of gold and silver at anytime in the world, ever. His vast experience fortifies his reputation as the foremost expert in the precious metals industry. Ed is now our Chief Strategist at Fortress Gold Group.  Together we have taken his experience and knowledge to cultivate your guidebook for your new Gold IRA.  

What does this mean for you?

  • Access to the Ed Moy Gold IRA, a breakdown of all the allocations, products and strategies of Ed’s precious metals retirement.
  • Future updates on any changes to Ed’s strategy or product allocations
  • An opportunity to directly ask Ed Moy any additional questions you have about your retirement

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