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Whether you are an investor or a rare coins enthusiast, gold numismatic coins hold exceptional, long-standing value. Fortress Gold Group offers a wide selection of beautifully crafted gold coins from the United States and the world. Behind every coin featured is a story, and behind every story is a historical and cultural value that will continue to increase over the years.



The obverse of the $20 Liberty Head gold coin was changed to create the $20 Saint-Gaudens coin, which features the first occurrence of the “striding Lady Liberty” and is named for its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens.



Designed by renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the $10 Indian Head coin is an exquisite piece of American history.  It was minted in extremely limited quantities between 1907 and 1933 and holds value for both its pure gold content and as a rare collectible coin.



The face of the first true American Indian to appear on U.S. minted coins appears on the $5 Indian gold coin, encircled by stars.  Like the only other coin designed by Bela Lyon Pratt, this special coin has no raised edge or a design etched into the metal.


$2.50 INDIAN

This 90% pure gold coin is unlike any other of its time, with no raised edge and a design etched into the metal.  Designed in 1908 by Bela Lyon Pratt, the $2.50 Indian Head coin was produced until 1929 and features an Indian chief head on the obverse and a perched eagle on the reverse.



The $1 Indian dollar, commonly referred to as the “Indian Head Type II” dollar, was a redesigned version of the $1 Liberty gold coin, featuring the head of an Indian princess.  It is comprised of 90% pure gold and is the same size as its predecessor.



These elaborately designed gold coins are easily the most promoted and widely recognized coin among collectors.  Beautiful and historic, the $20 Liberty gold coins feature the head of Lady Liberty on the obverse and the double-eagle design on the reverse, which was kept for the next minted $20 coin: the Saint-Gaudens.



The $10 Liberty coin, also known as the Liberty Eagle, highlights the beautiful countenance of Lady Liberty on the obverse and the traditional American eagle on the reverse. Minted from 1866 to 1907, it contains nearly half a troy ounce of pure gold and would make a great addition to any collection.



Commonly referred to as the Liberty Half Eagle, this $5 gold coin is the only coin ever produced at all seven of the national U.S. Mint facilities between 1839 and 1908, when it was replaced with the $5 Indian Head gold coin.



Also known as “quarter eagles,” the $2.50 Liberty coin shows the crowned head of Lady Liberty on the obverse and the American eagle on the reverse. This coin contains 90% pure gold and is available in barely circulated and uncirculated conditions.



Dating back to the 15th Century, the British Sovereign is, quite literally, the coin that set the “gold standard” for England and the United States. Comprised of over 91% gold, this bullion coin has been reissued several times throughout its long history, making it the most widely circulated coin in the history of currency.



The French 20 Franc Angel gold coin is beloved for its beauty, historical significance, and rarity. Its front features a winged angel and the French constitution, as well as the iconic rooster. This coin is not only rich in history and value but has also been widely considered as a “lucky” coin.  In face, Napoleon Bonaparte carried an Angel on him throughout his entire conquest of Europe and march upon Moscow.



Minted from 1852 to 1870, the French 20 Franc Napoleon III shows the bust of Emperor Napoleon III, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. The coin underwent several design changes over the years.



One of the most affordable of the European collection is the French 20 Franc Rooster coin, which was produced in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries in France. This coin features the symbolic Gallic rooster on one side and Marianne, the French symbol of liberty and reason, on the other.



The profile of William III, one of the most progressive and admired Dutch kings, is featured on the Netherlands 10 guilder coin, which is nearly one-fifth an ounce of gold.



One of the most universally-recognizable gold bullion coins, the Swiss 20 Franc is a coin known worldwide for its beauty and historic value.  Forever a symbol of the stability of the Swiss economy, the Swiss 20 Franc has been a favorite among collectors for its long-standing value and gold content.  It is also known as “Helvetia” and “Vrenelis.”

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