Gold & Silver

Precious Metals

Precious metals come in many forms, and there are many ways in which you can invest. At Fortress Gold Group, we specialize in the two main methods of precious metals investment: bullion and coinage. Each option provides unique advantages to investors, so it is important to understand the distinction before making a decision.


When we talk about bullion, we are referring to metal in mass form, blocks, ingots, or bars which is valued primarily for its weight and precious metal content. When you buy bullion, you will find that the price you pay more closely matches the actual value of gold at the time. This is due to the low production costs. As such, they have little significance to collectors and are not likely to increase in value for historical reasons.


 Numismatic Coins

Unlike bullion, numismatic coins have 2 major facets from which value can be derived:

  • Their precious metal content
  • Historical significance and rarity

Many people who choose to invest in precious metals choose numismatic coins over bullion because coins hold a certain value as collectors’ items. But we are not just talking about sentimental value. Over time, numismatic coins gain value for their age, historical significance, rarity, and fixed supply in addition to their precious metal content. Often times, these numismatic coins are also categorized as Pre- 1933 Certified Gold Coinage. These coins were minted prior to 1933 and are exempt from the 1933 Executive Order that nationalized the nation’s gold supply. Because of their collecting value they were not, and are still not, subject to confiscation from the government, and they offer other factors of privacy for interested investors.



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