Gold Price Climbs Amid Geopolitical Tensions

Imagine traveling across the globe for an important afternoon appointment only to be kept waiting for hours. That’s exactly what happened to Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, who headed to Russia Wednesday to meet with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin. Finally, at 6PM, the two sat down – ostensibly to clarify, then improve, some significant differences between their countries.
Unfortunately, the pugnacious negotiators couldn’t agree on the facts. A day before Mr. Tillerson arrived in Moscow, the White House accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government of spraying his own people, including children, with sarin gas from a base where Russian troops operate.
Mr. Putin said the entire story was a bald lie. Mr. Tillerson remarked that the Assad family’s rule is coming to an end in Syria and demanded that Russia end its relationship with that country.
In the meantime, North Korea also accused the United States of unwarranted aggression and threatened reprisal with a nuclear attack.
Investors, fearful of exorbitant international risk, turned to gold for a safe haven. As a result, on Tuesday, futures for the yellow metal in after-hours trading reached an intraday high of $1,277.40, highest price since November 10th. Gold broke the 200-day moving average, a frequent trading barometer employed by analysts.
A report from the UN’s Conference on Trade and Development documented a 13% decline in “direct investment flows” to an estimated $1.52 trillion. Although U.S. businesses could profit from many of Trump’s proposed economic changes, the uncertainty stimulated by his desired protectionist policy appears to be hampering international trade already.
In view of this uncertainty in the international economy, it makes sense for to increase the percentage of physical gold you hold in your portfolio. Why play a guessing game about which paper assets to invest in? Gold is clearly at a low price – $1,276 spot on Wednesday’s close. Some professionals are calling for $1,330 gold, or even $1,500 and higher.
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