Don’t Wait to Buy Gold

GoldFrequently, you’ll hear professional traders and investors say they’re going to buy gold when it drops to a certain price. Less frequently, you’ll hear them comment they’ll enter the gold market when it reaches a certain price on the way up.
In the first instance, traders and investors are waiting to buy gold in an attempt to maximize profits. They’re trading gold the same way (they hope) they trade stocks. By analyzing technical and fundamental indicators, they’ll hook on to the yellow metal when it reaches a bottom.
In the second instance, they’re jumping on to a moving train, so to speak. The idea here is, when gold exhibits clear signs of an upward trend, smart investors will be wise to hook into that trend. So these traders look for gold to push past an established price point. Once past that point (that resistance), gold will be well on its way.
The flip side of this moving-train approach is, just as with a stock, and despite fundamental and technical indicators, gold could decline unexpectedly rather than take off for the stratosphere. More often than you might imagine, the best professional guess about the direction any commodity or stock will take is simply a wrong guess.
Think of gold as a profit-making entity, and concern yourself with its upward or downward trend, invest in the yellow metal for its potential as a hedging commodity or insurance policy for your retirement account.
Be mindful of its upward or downward trend, to be sure. But don’t be a slave to that trend. Most every time is a good way to invest in gold – physical gold. Keep in mind that gold possesses a natural negative correlation to the stock market. With notable exceptions, if the stock market moves up, gold will move down or hold firm. And if the stock market moves down, gold will move up.
This negative correlation is precisely why gold is widely regarded as a safe haven. On April 2, 2017, for instance, US auto sales are down. Both Ford and General Motors show weaker-than-anticipated sales. Ford shares dropped to a 21-month low, and GM’s April sales declined 5.8%.
Investors with sufficient physical gold in their portfolio will be well-equipped to weather this financial storm. Because, if auto sales continue to move down, and the economy at large suffers as a result, investors will most certainly move funds over to a safe haven like gold.
If you’re holding gold, then, you’re already in a good position. Don’t wait to buy gold; rather, buy gold and wait.
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