Benefits of Adding Alternative Assets to Your Portfolio

Alternative Assets
If you’ve done any planning for your retirement, you probably already know the importance of diversifying your portfolio with alternative assets. If you’re just thinking about saving for retirement, diversification is a crucial concept to understand. The basic principle is simple: If you diversify your assets, your retirement fund won’t be lost if any one investment product falters.
Most people have traditional investment products like stocks and bonds, and aren’t educated about other alternative options. Gold and other precious metals are perfect for such diversification. Fortunately, Fortress Gold Group, the #1 leader in Gold IRAs, not only offers diversification in gold, silver, and other precious metals but as well as a variety of other alternative asset IRAs for clients.
Protecting Your Investments with Alternative Solutions
The best protection against uncertain markets is to diversify your assets into products that are more resistant to market forces, that have intrinsic value or whose appreciation or depreciation isn’t directly connected to the success or failure of the market. While gold and other precious metals are a great start in this regard, true diversification means deploying your assets in multiple areas that are independent of each other. Alternative asset IRAs from Fortress Gold Group allow you to do just that.
Alternative Asset IRA Options From Fortress Gold Group
If you have a retirement to protect, there are several exciting IRA options from Fortress Gold Group for you to look at, including:
• Precious Metals-Backed IRA: This is the product where Fortress Gold Group is best known for its expertise. Quite simply, it is an IRA where you invest your capital in gold, silver or other precious metals rather than stocks or bonds. Fortress Gold Group acquires and stores the gold at your direction, managing the retirement account like any other IRA. If necessary, Fortress Gold Group can help you move money from your current IRA into precious metals.
• Private Storage Gold IRA: This is similar to the precious metals-backed IRA, except you have control of where you store your gold. You can store your gold in a safe deposit box or another location of your choosing. You have total access to the contents of your IRA, and if you so desire, you can actually hold the contents, having a real, tangible asset in your hand rather than just paper representing the investments in your IRA.
• Bitcoin IRA: This is an exciting new IRA for the modern age. In a Bitcoin IRA, your IRA is funded with the cryptocurrency bitcoin, an entirely digital currency. In addition to this being a future-facing way of protecting your assets, bitcoin is not tied to any physical currency, so it is free to flourish even if traditional currencies are experiencing a down market.
Fortress Gold Group can help diversify your IRA today. Learn more about the details of these alternative IRAs or contact Fortress Gold Group online today or call 1-800-777-6177.

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