What Are Alternative Assets?

The sooner you start looking into saving and investing for your retirement, the better. If you have already started, you’ve likely heard about the importance of diversification.
One of the best ways to diversify and protect your retirement fund against the unpredictable whims of the market, is by investing in alternative assets. What are alternative assets? They are value products that diverge from the traditional financial assets like cash, stocks and bonds. These assets have value that is not directly tied to financial markets, and they, therefore, can retain or even gain value when those traditional products falter.
Why Invest in Alternative Assets?
The reason you are told to diversify is the classic maxim against “putting all your eggs in one basket.” If you put all your money into one company and that one company goes out of business, you have a big problem. Even if you spread your money across several companies, as you might do with a traditional stock portfolio, you could still see a serious dip in your retirement nest egg if the market as a whole is down.
In today’s climate, with economies failing all over the world and an overwhelming national debt, it’s quite easy to see why alternative solutions are so important if you’re looking to protect your future.
What Are Some Alternative Assets to Consider?
The most obvious and possibly the best alternative asset is gold and other precious metals. This is why Fortress Gold Group has specialized in gold and gold investing for years. Gold is an alternative asset because its value is not tied to any particular currency or company. Its value is simply based on how much people want it, which is why its value often rises in times of economic uncertainty — when people want something of tangible value to hang on to.
Of course, unlike stocks or bonds, the value of gold cannot drop to zero. Your gold will never simply disappear the way stocks or bonds can if the underlying company fails.
As appealing as gold is, too, it is not the only alternative asset out there — nor are silver, platinum or other precious metals, which are all good investments. The fact is that almost anything of value that can be purchased in significant quantities may potentially be an alternative asset if its value is not directly dependent on a traditional currency or market. For example, Fortress Gold Group has attained regulatory approval to create the first ever Bitcoin IRA, allowing you to diversify your retirement savings to cryptocurrency, a digital currency that isn’t dependent upon hard currency. Many think it is the wave of the future.
Alternative Assets and Your Future
Remember, while precious metals can be a great investment in your future, diversification means spreading out your assets. An alternative IRA, like Bitcoin and gold is a great way safeguard your retirement. Fortress Gold Group, a leader in gold and precious metals IRAs, is now pioneering innovative, self-directed IRA strategies to give you the widest array of options when it comes to your retirement savings.
If you’re interested in moving into the future into an alternative IRA managed by experts, Fortress Gold Group is ready to take that step with you. Call us today at 1-800-777-6177 or CLICK HERE NOW for a FREE guide.

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