How $5,000 becomes $300,000…

Let’s step back in time to 1929.  Our parents (or grandparents) regularly used gold coins as currency, just as we can today.  One could walk to the Mint and exchange $20 for a $20 Liberty gold coin. Quite simple.

Now, imagine you had $10,000.  You take $5,000 and exchange it for 250 Liberty gold coins.  You keep the other $5,000 in US dollars, just in case.  You return home and put both the cash and gold coins inside a safe place.

Let’s fast forward to present day and re-open your time capsule of wealth.  What are you working with?

First, you have 250 $20 Liberty gold coins.  Based on gold content value alone, you have $300,000 in cash value.  Quite the purchase.

The $5,000 in cash is still the exact same, except…it doesn’t buy much anymore.  In 1929, you would’ve bought a new house with those funds.  Today, you might make one monthly payment on a 30-year mortgage. 

This is how gold works.  This is how gold has worked for thousands of years.

Our Chief Strategist, and Former US Mint Director, Ed Moy explains this as “Gold is more than a speculative investment; it is a store house of value. Through all historical instances, gold has held household wealth securely.”

At today’s four-year lows, gold is back to a BUY NOW status.  This opportunity will not last long, regardless of other factors in the marketplace. 

It’s time to clear your research, and start fresh with real education on gold.  Stop being distracted and confused by high-pressure gold companies.   

Keep it simple and ask yourself one question:

How much gold am I putting in my retirement?

Your senior metals specialist at Fortress Gold is available for further questions and getting started. Fortress Gold is ranked America’s #1 Precious Metals Firm by Inc500 and recently welcomed the Former United States Mint Director, Ed Moy, as our Chief Strategist.  We educate our difference.

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