5 Tips for Successful Gold Investment

investmentYou’ve decided to invest in gold. This is a great decision and an important step toward securing your future. Many savvy investors know the merits of investing in gold, and you can do so just as easily. If you’re investing in gold for the first time, however, you may have some concerns and questions about how it works.
1. Understand the Different Types of Gold Ownership
There are two ways you can handle your gold: Direct ownership or mutualized ownership.
In direct ownership, you own 100 percent of the gold you buy. The gold is held in your name only and you have control at all times over what to do with it. In the case of mutualized ownership, you share ownership of a gold bar with other investors. Your gold is held by a storage partner and you are issued a certificate.
In mutualized ownership, you can own part of a larger amount of gold, and you don’t really have to worry about how your gold is stored or handled. However, you don’t have direct access to your gold and if the storage partner goes bankrupt, your gold could potentially disappear.
With direct ownership, the responsibility for your gold lies entirely with you, although you could have a professional gold firm like Fortress Gold help you figure out the best way to manage your gold, such as with a Gold IRA. Since it is your gold, you can see it, sell it or add to your gold and store it as you choose.
2. Know When to Purchase Gold
There’s rarely a bad time to purchase gold, as it is a stable precious metal with intrinsic value. The best way to know when to purchase gold is to consult with one of our precious metals specialists. We make it our business to analyze gold trends and can help you make an educated decision on when to buy.
3. Know What to Avoid When Purchasing Gold
You should purchase your gold from an established and accredited gold firm, like Fortress Gold Group. Fortress Gold has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, AA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and is an authorized dealer and official member with leading industry organizations.
Just sending your money off to a website that claims it will buy gold on your behalf could result in a loss of your investment if you fall afoul of a disreputable company. Be sure to perform due diligence.
4. Follow Gold Prices
Before you buy, and even while you are holding a gold investment, it’s a good idea to follow gold prices. This gives you an idea of how your gold investment is doing and when you might want to buy more gold. It’s a simple matter to look up gold price trends online.
We have found that most of our clients are far more engaged and successful with their precious metals purchases if they are educated and empowered every step of the way.
5. Learn All You Can About Buying Gold
The more informed an investor you are, the more successful you are likely to be. To get started, you can request the Ed Moy Guide on Gold IRA Investing. Ed Moy is former director of the U.S. Mint, and he oversaw the largest production of gold and silver coins in the world. Fortress Gold Group is the only company Ed Moy trusts with his gold IRA.
Fortress Gold Group is the leading expert on gold investment and other precious metals, and can outline a number of great gold investment options for you, including precious metals IRAs, Private Storage Gold IRAs, and more.
To find out more about how Fortress Gold can help you secure your future with a gold or other precious metal investment, call 1-800-777-6177 today.

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